13 Best Black Dolls We Absolutely Adore 2024

15 Best Black Dolls We Absolutely Adore

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Did your dolls look like you when you were growing up?

Chances are, they didn’t.

I remember playing with white Barbie dolls and originally thinking nothing of it until I noticed that I didn’t have a single doll that looked like me.

Those days are over.

Representation is key, and while there’s still room for improvement, now our little black girls are starting to have it.

Check out these 13 black dolls that we absolutely love.

Disney Princess Tiana Doll

Disney's Tiana doll is modeled after the princess from their 2009 film "The Princess and the Frog."

So as a black woman, I might be a little biased in saying that Princess Tiana is my favorite Disney princess.

What can I say? It took a long time for Disney to give us our girl.

Disney Princess Tiana is a great option for young girls.

With adorable curls and big brown eyes, she’s a must have to help all girls feel like royalty.

Plus with her beautiful green gown, this Disney doll will help everyone embrace the magic of her story.

Baby Alive Littles – Another Black Girl Doll

Baby Alives Little is a small baby doll that comes in a stroller and moves as you push it.

Next on our list we have another Baby Alive doll.

This Baby Alive Littles is just slightly younger than the previous doll on our list.

Coming with the stroller, her legs kick as you push her.

Another doll with cute, brown curls, this doll comes with a ton of other accessories to help make the doll experience feel more real.

With a onesie, blanket, comb, and sippy cup, anyone can take care of their “babies” for real.

Not to mention that the stroller comes with an extra seat for the Hasbro doll to make a friend.

Baby Alive

Baby Alive is a doll that creates lifelike dolls that imitate the behavior of actual babies.

Baby Alive is a Hasbro brand that has been making toys for years.

Not only do they have baby dolls, but they are meant to be extremely life-like. 

Next on our list of the best black dolls we love is the Baby Alive Step ‘N Giggle.

Just like a real life baby, these toys are absolutely amazing.

One, she can say over 25 different phrases and that’s not all.

Meant to behave like a real baby, she drinks and can wet her diaper as well.

While her hair might not be the “exact” right texture, we can appreciate the curly hair she’s been given.

Not only that, but she comes with light up shoes and adorable glasses.

Let’s just say that Baby Alive and Hasbro really got it right with this doll.

Ethiopia Hearts For Hearts Girl “Rahel”

Rahel is an Ethiopian doll from Hearts For Hearts that has brown eyes and a curly afro.

There are a number of reasons why we appreciate this Rahel doll.

Hearts for Hearts created what they call Rahel, the “Ethiopia Doll.” 

With her outfit made of mostly yellow and red, it’s a clear homage to the Ethiopian flag.

While her outfit is cute, her features are gorgeous.

With beautiful brown skin and eyes, she’s also rocking a cute and curly afro.

If you need a little representation in your life, Hearts for Hearts is where you get it.

Glitter Girls Dolls By Battat

Glitter Girls Dolls created a black doll with long, straight hair and the ability to strike different poses.

This Glitter Girls Doll is definitely a cute one.

With milk chocolate skin and wide brown eyes, she definitely has some of the features down.

While her long, silky hair seems like she might be #teamrelaxer, this doll is still a great option for young, black girls.

Not to mention that you can take “Keltie” and pose her.

The Glitter Girls Doll can do a number of different poses from sitting with her legs crossed to waving.

African American Barbie Made To Move Doll

Barbie's Made to Move Doll comes with brown skin, green eyes, and long brown hair.

For years we were all used to one form of Barbie.

Now we have Barbie “Made to Move.”

The “dark hair” model of this doll is a black girl with long, shiny brown hair. 

While I can’t say that her features speak to the majority of black women with darker hair and dark eyes, this doll is still a positive representation of black women in doll form.

Giving us Rihanna vibes with her green eyes, this Barbie doll is another great one to add to the list.

Plus she’s listed as coming with 22 joints so you can really make this doll move.

Journey Girls Chavonne Doll

The Journey Girls Chavonne Doll is an black doll with long black hair.

Journey Girls dolls are extremely popular under the Tru Kids Brands and this Chavonne doll is one that easily belongs on this list.

Clearly a diva, Journey Girls sets out for all their dolls to have a personality on their own.

As can be seen through her cute outfit, Chavonne is meant to be confident and outgoing.

Plus, this doll “loves to perform.”

Standing at 18” tall, she comes with brown eyes and curly black hair.

She’s just one of the many great dolls by Tru Kids Brands.

Black Woman Barbie Fashionistas Doll

Barbie's Fashionista Doll is one of the few black dolls with kinky hair.

Definitely my favorite on the list, this Barbie Fashionistas Doll is definitely a must-have.

Plus, I can’t get over the features on this doll.

Her clothes are a standout with her in a cutout midi length dress, but that’s not all.

She’s given brown eyes and while her lipstick might be a touch too light, she’s also seen in classic hoops.

That’s not what draws the attention though.

While many of the dolls on this list are given curly hair, this doll has kinky hair.

Let’s just say that this doll and her afro are hands down a must-have to anyone who’s looking to buy a doll.

TUSALMO 2020 Baby Doll

TUSALMO's 2020 doll features it in different African ankara prints.

While most dolls have “normal” clothing on, if you’re looking for a doll with a bit more culture in their clothes, check out the TUSALMO 2020 Baby Doll.

These dolls come in what is meant to resemble ankara prints which are a popular African fabric.

The features are meant to mirror that of a small child, but the hair is a great addition to this doll.

With hair texture around the 3B range, it is styled into a cute afro with a headwrap.

Cabbage Patch Kids Girl Doll

Cabbage Patch Kids is a popular brand with a black dolls with long, curly hair.

Cabbage Patch Kids have been around for decades and they’re still a favorite.

This African American Girl Doll has the same cuteness as all the regular dolls with a few extra touches.

With rosy cheeks dotting her brown skin, this doll also has adorable brown eyes and long curly hair.

While it might be a trend among dolls, she’s definitely in the 3A-3B range when it comes to hair texture.

If you’re looking to give this doll to a young family member, just don’t let her forget the Cabbage Patch Kids Oath of Adoption!

Barbie Doll Chelsea Flower Doll

Barbie has numerous black dolls, one of them being the Chelsea Flower Doll.

Bring on the Barbies!

Another Barbie we had to add to the list is the Barbie Club Chelsea Flower Doll.

If you’re wondering why she’s called the flower doll, she comes with a cardboard bouquet and not to mention the cute flower top that she’s wearing with her pink skirt.

Similar to the other dolls on this list, we have to appreciate the brown eyes and hair texture.

While she definitely has a looser curl pattern, we love to see texture and style reminiscent of how black girls might wear their hair today.

Let’s just say that Barbie is definitely learning to do some of the right things.

DC Super Hero Girls

DC Comics has a black doll after their superhero, Bumblebee.

While most of the dolls on this list can be seen as “dainty,” this Bumblebee doll certainly isn’t.

Made after the popular character from the DC Comics, Bumblebee is a superhero who wears a suit of armor that allows her to fly while also giving her super strength and agility.

She might not look much like her comic character, but she’s still a great portrayal of a black doll.The green eyes and blonde streaks in her hair might throw you off but her medium brown skin makes this DC Super Hero Girls doll a winner.

2019 Holiday Female Barbie

The 2019 Holiday Barbie is a black doll with chandelier earrings and a red ball gown.

It might not be the holiday season when you’re reading this, but you can always find an excuse to wear a gown.

The beauty in this Barbie doll makes it a must-have and is the reason why it’s rounding out the end of this list. 

While most dolls appear in casual outfits, this doll is ready to show up and show out.

In a floor length red and white gown, this doll shines.

While her makeup and earrings are on point, we have to give it up for her hair.

With a sleek lay back at the top, her curly ponytail is killin’ the game.

And there are a few of us out there who simply like to collect dolls, especially when they had such an impact on our childhood.

This doll comes with a stand and a certificate of authenticity, so you know it’s real!

Best Black Dolls We Absolutely Adore Conclusion

There are numerous doll products on the market that correctly incorporate black features.

Many of us grew up without an ounce of representation anywhere we looked.

Most of the people on TV didn’t look like us.

Most of the dolls we were forced to play with had fair skin and blond hair.

There’s nothing wrong with playing with a group of diverse dolls, but it is a problem when none of them look like you.

Thankfully, those days are changing.

It’s increasingly easier to find dolls with African American features, and when you find a good one, it’s important to hold on.

From Baby Alive to Barbie, our young black girls now have some of the options we didn’t.

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