15 Black Christian Movies Showcasing God, The Church & More

Best Black Christian Movies

Black Christian movies seem to be the new flavor of the season. A few studios have gotten with this trend and are definitely taking it by storm.

Black gospel movies can be inspiring and can even tell a story from a Christian point of view. Here is a list of the top Black Christian movies that are bound to keep you giving God glory and will keep you glued to your theater seat.

War Room (2015)

War Room (2015)

War room is a drama starring Priscilla C. Shirer, T.C. Stallings, and Karen Abercrombie.

This movie tells how Tony and Elizabeth Jordan keep their marriage together despite Tony’s verbal abuse, urges to cheat, and putting his career before his family.

Elizabeth finds her solution after meeting with Miss Clara. She encourages Elizabeth to use prayer as a weapon against her husband’s temptation to stray from the marriage vows he made before God and men.

The Gospel (2005)

The Gospel (2005)

The Gospel is a drama about the life and ministry of Jesus Christ starring Boris Kodjoe, Michael Madsen, Tonea Stewart, and Evan Jones.

The Gospel is about David, a pastor’s son who performs in nightclubs in Los Angeles. He soon finds out that his father is dying. He tries to come back home only to find out that his father is not ready to die and wants him to take over the church.

The story plays out with David gradually settling into a new lifestyle in the church while letting go of his past life which eventually makes Frank, played by Idris Elba, jealous.

A Question of Faith (2017)

A Question of Faith (2017)

A Question of Faith stars Kimberly Elise, Renee Rockwell, John D. Williamson, and Terri J. Vaughn.

This movie talks about the power of prayer in human lives as told by four women who face challenging circumstances but come together with one common goal: to pray for each other’s specific needs.

They may not always agree on what faith is or the rules of practicing it, but they each believe in staying faithful to God no matter what situation they face. This movie will make you realize how powerful faith can be when dealing with life’s challenges, even though our beliefs may vary from others’.

Grandma’s House (2016)

Grandma's House (2016)

Grandma’s House is a drama starring Loretta Divine, Coco Jones, Paige Hurd, and Wendy Robinson.

Grandma’s house is the story of how a family finds their way back to God after being sucked into an ordinary family fight that turns into something bigger than anyone expected or imagined.

Learning about love, faith, and family from their grandmother turned out to be a godsend.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to grasp because it resulted from their parents experiencing hard times. Getting used to their grandmother’s rules taught them lessons of strength and devotion they wouldn’t have learned at home.

The movie shows how this family finds redemption by recommitting themselves to living for God instead of pleasing men.

Not Easily Broken (2009)

Not Easily Broken (2009)

Not Easily Broken is a drama starring Taraji P. Henson, Morris Chestnut, and Bill Smitrovich.

The plot tells how a couple weathers inevitable storms they encounter in their marriage after being married for years.

Kenya is married to David, who has always been successful with business, but he struggles to find his worth again when his company is bought out. Kenya finds herself attracted to her friend’s husband, Eric, who gives her wisdom on what she should do with her life choices.

The movie shows you that no matter the challenges couples face in their relationship, it is possible for them to come back together stronger than ever. That, however, depends on if they are willing to work on it with God’s help. 

A Cross to Bear (2012)

A Cross to Bear (2012)

A Cross to Bear is a drama starring Parris Franz, Janean Akilah, Alisha Blanding, and Othello R.

This story is about the struggles of living life while trying to do what you think is right no matter what other people say because God knows best.

The movie starts with Erica struggling with alcoholism and living on the streets alone with her newborn baby. Her boyfriend abandoned her, making her feel like her life was going nowhere fast.

She then finds refuge at Joan’s home. Joan is a former nurse who works to help rehabilitate women. With the new start, Erica still struggles to gain traction as she faces events of her past. The story plays out as a lesson on the unimaginable power of forgiveness.

Meet the Browns (2009)

Meet the Browns (2009)

Meet the Browns stars Angela Bassett, Loretta Devine, David Mann, and Michael Taliferro.

Meet the browns tells the story of Brenda, who after losing everything, including her home, is alone with no one to turn to for help except her father. Unfortunately, she has never met her father and didn’t know who he was until he just passed away.

When she finally responds to a letter informing her that she is a recipient of an old, dilapidated house he owned, she goes to an estate meeting and finally meets her family for the first time. She finds out that her father is the head of a large family and has many brothers and sisters.

The story tells how Brenda makes peace with her new life as an adult and learns to love again after losing everything.

Black Nativity (2013)

Black Nativity (2013)

Black Nativity is a drama starring Angela Bassett, Forest Whitaker, Tyrese Gibson, Jennifer Hudson, Mary Jige, Nasir Jones, Jacob Latimore, and Vondie Curtis Hall.

The film explores the story of a struggling teenage boy who has to deal with his neglectful mother until, out of nowhere, he gets invited to spend Christmas with his estranged grandparents.

Once he gets there, he learns that family is more than blood. It’s people who love you unconditionally. He also meets a couple of kids from the street who help him learn how to get through his struggles without giving up on God.

I’m in Love with a Church Girl (2013)

I'm in Love with a Church Girl (2013)

I’m in Love with a Church Girl is a drama starring Jeff “Ja Rule” Atkins, Adrienne Bailon, Stephen Baldwin, Michael Madsen.

The movie tells how a mobster turned pastor fights to win back his wife after he starts going to church. In essence, he changes his life around for her.

The film shows how two people can be so much in love they won’t let anything get between them, even if it means doing things that may seem hard or not right at the time. It also shows the importance of keeping God first in our lives, so we don’t lose what matters most.  

Woman Thou Art Loosed (2004)

Woman Thou Art Loosed (2004)

Woman Thou Art Loosed is a drama starring Kimberly Elise, Steve Harris, Tasha Smith, and Loretta Devine.

This Black Christian movie explores the story of Michelle, a woman raised by her grandmother after her mother abandoned her as a child. She eventually turns to prostitution because she gets pregnant with an abusive boyfriend.

Then she ends up in jail for killing him. Once out of jail, Michelle tries to rebuild her life with the help of Pastor Mason. He helps her learn to forgive herself and be happy again by helping others and spending time in God’s word instead of worrying about what everyone thinks about her or says behind her back. 

Just a Measure of Faith (2014)

Just a Measure of Faith (2014)

Just a Measure of Faith is a drama starring Tramaine Morgan, Maranija May-Douglas, and Miranda Patrice Mays.

The film follows the story of how a couple struggles to find a balance between love and faith. Jacob has many challenges but is fighting them alone. He refuses help from his wife and God.

His wife Kayla is a believer and tries very hard to guide her husband to build his faith. She also tries to use her faith to overcome their problems. They both come to realize that God has given them a supportive community to help them overcome their problems.

Sins & Blessings (2016)

Sins & Blessings (2016)

Sins and Blessings is a drama starring Shekeria B, Cameron Andrew Boone, and Sonya Edwards.

Sins and Blessings is an inspiring story about an encounter between God and two young men. The encounter leads to Sean saving a life.

The motion picture is an excellent reminder that God can deliver messages in ways we would never expect. God doesn’t only communicate with the rich and famous. He uses everyone to fulfill his kingdom’s work.

My Brother’s Keeper (2021)

My Brother's Keeper (2021)

My Brother’s Keeper is an action drama starring TC Stallings, Joey Lawrence, and Robert Ri’chard.

The movie tells the story of a war veteran who comes home from the army that struggles with PTSD. He tries to find the best way to deal with his problems, but it isn’t easy. Once home, he has to deal with the loss of his best friend in combat and the death of both his parents three years prior.

Travis is searching for answers, and eventually, his search leads him to rediscover his faith. Unfortunately, he finds out a long-lost secret another friend kept from him that causes him to relapse into PTSD and consider suicide.

Nothing Without God (2016)

Nothing Without God (2016)

Nothing without God is a drama starring Keenan Jamelle Robinson, Holly White, Akil Miller, Nina Hill, and Kiyona Brown.

The film follows the life of a young man who was just accepted to college. While this is one of the most exciting times in the lives of most young adults, his motivation is different. He wants to achieve his degree against the odds of his abusive foster family and the scars of being told he is a failure.

He soon finds a teacher who helps him find peace in a hostile world. He then discovers that his environment does not add value or define him. He learns to lean on his spirituality for support.

Hav Faith (2016)

Hav Faith (2016)

Hav Faith is a family drama starring Terron Brooks, Santiago Cirilo, Percy Bell, Micah Lynn Hanson, and Akintunde Warnock.

Hamilton A. Vaughn, better known as HAV, is a former promoter who experiences a sudden incident that changes his life forever. This incident causes him to end up as one of the leaders in Prominent Mission Church. Once back at the church, he reconnects with Faith, his old friend, and AJ, the bishop’s son.

The bishop plans to retire soon. AJ is not happy with how fast HAV is becoming a leader in the church and is determined to do whatever it takes to prevent it. This Black gospel movie plays out as a modern-day story of the Biblical character Joseph. Joseph had all odds up against him, but he kept his faith despite it all. We should always “Hav Faith” in the Most High God.

Best Black Christian Movies Ever, Final Thoughts

Black gospel movies are inspiring movies that share a message of faith to shine a light on difficult times. They’re often accompanied by vocals from female and male gospel singers. The messages of these movies are so inspiring because they come from real-life experiences.

After reading this article, we hope viewers will consider watching some of these Black Christian movies to get a better understanding that they don’t have to live out their lives in fear and unhappiness.

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