Does Nicki Minaj Have a Sister? Enter Ming Maraj

Does Nicki Minaj Have a Sister? Ming Maraj

Does Nicki Minaj have a sister? Yes she does, Nicki Minaj’s sister’s name is Ming Maraj and we’ll be talking about her today.

As one of the most popular female rappers in the world, Nicki Minaj has claimed the title of Queen of Rap. She has earned an extensive list of awards for her hit tracks and continues to be an aspiring figure for artists worldwide.

Born in Saint James, Trinidad and Tobago, Minaj moved to New York when she was five years old. Her life started with incredible difficulty. With a father addicted to drugs and exhibiting violence, Minaj’s life was a challenge early on. Yet, she rose above it starting at the age of twelve when she wrote her first rap that would begin the climb to her passion.

Minaj has four younger siblings:

  • Micaiah Maraj
  • Jelani Maraj
  • Brandon Lamar (half sibling)
  • Ming Maraj (half sibling)

In this article though, we’ll be talking about Nicki Minaj’s sister Ming Maraj.

Ming Maraj, the Shocking Look-A-Like Of Nicki Minaj

Ming Maraj is a black woman who is Nicki Minaj's sister


Fans did not become fully aware of Nicki Minaj’s younger sister until a picture of her was posted in 2013. She posted a photo of Ming on her Instagram, captioning it, “Happy Birthday to my lil’ sister Ming. I guess it’s Capricorn season or whatever.”

Ming is Nicky Minaj’s half-sister from her father’s side, Robert Maraj.

Fans were initially shocked at the similarities between the two, calling them “twins” and marveling as they compared their looks. Ming Maraj, like her older sister, enjoys writing her own raps and being on social media.

Growing Up in New York

Ming Maraj grew up in the same household as her older sister and brothers. Currently, she avoids the spotlight and media and has not shared much personal input growing up in New York. Today, she attends a local high school and shows interest in pursuing a modeling career. Still, she also has the same passion for rapping as Nicki Minaj, making the public wonder if she will grow to be as successful.

Personal Life

Ming Maraj is currently not married and not with children. Given that she is private about her life, it’s unknown whether she is now dating. Of course, there have been several rumors to speculate various things concerning her personal life, but unless she decides to take to the spotlight, likely they will remain secret.


With an apparent interest in her Instagram, Ming Maraj has uploaded photos of herself enjoying everyday activities. She currently has a good following, and with her interest in modeling, perhaps she may utilize this application when she starts doing serious shoots.

How Old Is Ming Maraj?

How Old Is Ming Maraj


Ming is currently 16 years old and is the half-sister of Nicki Minaj from her father’s side. She is Nicki Minaj’s only known sister but shares a few siblings with the rapper.

Do Ming and Nicki Have the Same Mom?

Do Ming and Nicki Have the Same Mom


It is noted that Ming Maraj is Nicki Minaj’s half sister, on her father’s side. Still, Ming considers Carol her mother, and there is very little to no information regarding her biological mother. There are also rumors that Ming and Nicki are not related in any capacity, but there has been no confirmation of this. The Maraj family as a whole seems to keep many of their family details private, leaving many fans to speculate and wonder.

Nicki and Ming’s Dad

Nicki and Ming’s Dad is African American


Robert Maraj (also known as Omar Maraj) was Nicki and Ming’s father. He and his wife, Carol Maraj, were looking for work and residing in Queens, New York. Minaj moved to Queens to be with her parents at the age of five once they had secured housing. Her father began abusing drugs and alcohol during her childhood, and would often sell off furniture in the home to fund his addiction. At one point, he did set fire to their home, but Minaj and her siblings had been staying with friends and her mother, Carol, and escaped unharmed.

Thankfully, Robert went to rehab and managed to kick his drug addiction. He became active in the church community and shared a closer, healthier bond with his wife and children. He would later be involved in a hit-and-run accident that would result in his death. Despite being taken to the hospital, Robert would succumb to his injuries, much to Minaj’s dismay. Nicki would go on to say the loss of her father was one of the most devastating things she has ever experienced.

Does Nicki Minaj Have a Sister? Final Thoughts

Nicki and Ming are black sisters

Nicki Minaj has one younger half sister called Ming Minaj.

While Nick Minaj’s siblings all go about their own lives and explore their interests, she continues to progress in her successful music career. She is still among one of the most well-known public figures in the world, and because of that, there will always be one eye on her family and what they may do in the future.

Given some of her family’s dark past, there may even be interest in what negative things may potentially come as well. But, surely, Nicki Minaj and her siblings will be known and recognized throughout the world for their achievements. 

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