Best Little Rock Neighborhoods For Young Black Professionals, Black Families & Singles

Best Little Rock Neighborhoods For Black Families

Little Rock, Arkansas, is Arkansas’s capital city, and it is quite popular with art lovers, foodies, and history buffs.

You can go from museums to sipping beer from one of Little Rock’s many breweries to enjoying the beautiful Ozark mountain views.

In this article, we will explore the best Little Rock neighborhoods for black families.

3 Best Little Rock Suburbs For Black Families

Cabot, Midtown, and Bryant are some of the best Little Rock suburbs for black families.

Little Rock might be famous for being a historical treasure best Little Rock neighborhoods for black families, but there are suburbs in Arkansas’ capital city that are quite accommodating for black families.

If you want the conveniences of a big city but don’t want to live in the middle of it, one of these Little Rock suburbs might be right for you. These suburbs provide safety and a family-friendly atmosphere while allowing residents to enjoy the benefits of being close to the city.


Cabot Little Rock Arkansas


Cabot has an overall A- Niche grade [1]. Its public schools have an A rating; family-friendliness has an A-,  and a C+ for crime and safety.

For families who want peaceful communities and a close-knit community, Cabot has over 50 subdivisions. With an average listing price of about $170,000, Cabot is less expensive than many other places in Little Rock, and an average of about five dollars less per square foot means that you get a lot more space for less money.

Although it has many charms, Cabot’s excellent education system is the most appealing feature for families with children. In 2008, Cabot High School won the prestigious Pacesetter Award from High Schools That Work, beating over 1,000 other schools across the country.

Students statistically outperform the state average on Arkansas’ benchmark examinations, in addition to receiving a national distinction. If your child’s educational achievements are important to you, you should factor Cabot into your suburb considerations.

There are many things to do in and around Cabot, and some of them are as follows. You can visit the Do Drop In Flea Market to get great bargain prices and even find one-of-a-kind items. You can also visit the Jacksonville Museum of Military History to learn about the role Arkansas played in America’s wars.

There is a water park in Jacksonville called the Splash Zone Water Park. It contains slides, dump buckets, splash pads, and other water park attractions. You can also visit the Camp Nelson Confederate Cemetery, which is just east of Cabot. It is the final resting place of hundreds of people that lost their lives during the wars.


Midtown Little Rock Arkansas


Midtown has an overall A Niche grade [2]. Its public schools have a C- grade, family-friendliness has an A grade, and a B+ for housing.

Midtown, Little Rock, is home to its shopping and dining district and is about ten minutes from downtown Little Rock. Midtown is popular among commuters, especially those with kids, because of its sprawling homes with large yards.

All of Midtown’s houses are near Little Rock’s major employers. Little Rock’s Park Avenue Shopping Center and Park Plaza Mall are also in Midtown. Thus, it’s an ideal location for families.

All of the necessary family-friendly shopping chains, such as Chipotle, Target, and McDonalds, can be found in Midtown. It also houses local eateries and businesses such as Barbara Jean Ltd. and Big Orange Burger.


Bryant Little Rock Arkansas


Bryant has an overall A Niche grade [3]. Its public schools have an A grade, housing has an A grade, crime and safety have a C+ grade, and A- grade for family friendliness.

Bryant is basically a town unto itself, despite it being a suburb of Little Rock with a population of 19,162. Locals joke that everyone here is somehow connected. According to’s results, Bryant is Arkansas’ second safest suburb.

Although there is the occasional theft or burglary, which is to be expected in any area, crime levels here are extremely low.

Bryant is a moderately affluent neighborhood in Arkansas, although property there is affordable. Locals describe Bryant as a safe, clean, and enjoyable place to live.

2 Best Little Rock Neighborhoods For Young Black Professionals & Singles

The best Little Rock neighborhoods for black families are also some of the top Little Rock suburbs for black singles & young professionals.

The Heights and Hillcrest have a lot to offer young professional in terms of entertainment, nightlife, or location in relation to common workplaces.

The Heights

The Heights Little Rock Arkansas


The Heights has an overall A+ Niche grade [4]. It has a B in housing, an A in nightlife, a B in jobs, and a B in commuting.

The Heights is one of Little Rock’s most desirable neighborhoods. It has excellent access to restaurants, shopping, bars, and a dynamic nightlife. It also has a lot of space for activities outdoors.

The cost of living in Little Rock is 31% more than the national average. 31% might appear to be a high number, but it pays off because The Heights outperforms 89% of Arkansas cities in terms of safety.

The Heights is home to the prestigious Little Rock Country Club, which boasts an 18-hole golf course. You can find spacious family homes, small bungalows, and apartment buildings at the heights, so young professionals and singles can live there comfortably.


Hillcrest Little Rock Arkansas


Hillcrest has an overall A+ Niche grade [5]. It has an A in housing, an A in nightlife, a B+ in jobs, and a B in commuting.

Hillcrest is a well-known Little Rock neighborhood with a crime rate lower than 93% of Arkansas’ neighboring cities. Because the cost of living in Hillcrest is around 8% higher than other locations in Little Rock, it will cost a bit more money to live here.

Because of the age of the buildings in Hillcrest, it is usually referred to as the Hillcrest Historic District. Hillcrest is conveniently located in the heart of Little Rock, making it excellent for individuals who work in the city.

Hillcrest was founded in the nineteenth century and is home to a wide range of architectural styles. Small ranch-style bungalows with limited outdoor space are common in the neighborhood. In newer projects, you can also find some period residences and majestic homes.

Is Little Rock Safe?

Is Little Rock Safe

The crime rate in Little Rock is higher than the national average. Little Rock ranks in the twentieth percentile for safety, which means that 20% of the metro regions are more dangerous while 80% are safer than Little Rock.

Within a year, the crime rate in the Little Rock metro area is about 45 per 1,000 residents. The west half of the Little Rock metro region is typically considered to be the safest by residents.

In the Little Rock metro region, your chances of becoming a victim of crime can range from 1 in 44 in western neighborhoods to 1 in 15 in western districts.

What Is Little Rock’s Demographic?

Little Rock’s Demographic

Little Rock has an especially high percentage of black residents. You will find Little Rock to be a highly diversified city in the heart of Arkansas. Here is a breakdown of its demographics:

  • White: Approximately 99,550 (50.29%)
  • Black or African-American: Approximately 83,220 (42.04%)
  • Latino or Hispanic of any race: Approximately 8,000 (7.4%)
  • Asian: Approximately 6,540 (3.3%)
  • Other races or more than two races: Approximately 4,470 (2.0%)
  • Alaskan Native and Native American: Approximately 650(0.2%)
  • Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander: Approximately 110 (0.05%)

Top Little Rock Neighborhoods For Black Families, Final Thoughts

Little Rock is Arkansas’s biggest, most populated, and capital city, so it can be difficult to figure out where to live. We’ve covered the best Little Rock neighborhoods for black families, whether you’re looking for the best place to live as a young black professional, a single person, or a black family.



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