25 Black Actresses Over 50 Who Still Rock The Entertainment Industry

Top Black Actresses Over 50

S.Epatha Merkerson (Sharon Epatha Merkerson)

Sharon Merkerson is an Emmy and Golden Globe Winner

Sharon’s talents in showbiz racked up several distinctions, including a Golden Globe and an Emmy Award.

Although many obstacles loomed over her career, including racism, Sharon maintained her focus and did what gave substance to her life.

With what turned out to be just 16 episodes, Sharon got her big break bringing laughter to adults and children as the Mail Lady in Pee-wee’s Playhouse (1986 – 1989).

To date, you’ll find Sharon doing what she loves in the Chicago Meds TV series (2015).

Robin Givens

Robin Givens is Praised for Her Performance in Riverdale

Robin took a hiatus from acting to raise her sons, but she made a comeback to continue her greatness and spunk, especially with an appearance in Riverdale (2017).

She prides herself as a hardworking and sensitive person, with a lot of heart to go around.

She’s one of the first women to speak out on domestic violence, but later received a great deal of backlash for her outspokenness.

In spite of everything, she’s using her hardships in life to propel her career into what she intends it to be.

Garcelle Beauvais

Garcelle Beauvais Made Her Break When She Won The Jammie Foxx Show

This Haitian-born actress, who later moved to America, taught herself English at the tender age of seven, by watching Sesame Street.

After transitioning into acting, the former model felt she started making an impact in the industry when she got The Jammie Foxx Show (1996-2001), even though she appeared in previous films.

Despite the hardships and emotional trauma she associated with her two divorces, Garcelle continued to hold her family down, and gave of her best in film and TV show roles.

You can find Garcelle as the first lady in White House Down (2013), where she, again, worked alongside Jamie Foxx as his wife.

Lisa Bonet

Lisa Bonet Started Her Career As a Teenager in The Cosby Show

This “Angel Heart” star commenced her acting career as a teenager with appearances in TV series like The Cosby Show.

Although revered growing up because of her acting presence, Lisa mainly felt out of place and didn’t fit in because of her biracial roots.

Lisa is no stranger to acting, but her humility and introverted personality make it challenging to sit in interviews and parade the halls of Hollywood, as other actors enjoy doing.

Fortunately, she wedded Jason Mamoa, an extroverted and outgoing husband, who keeps her entertained and alive.

Loretta Devine

Loretta Devine is a Legend with Several Awards and Nominations

Loretta has the ability to infect a room with giggles and good vibes with her down to earth persona.

With several nominations and awards to her name, Loretta maintains humility and is a legend worthy of imitation.

She does a great job at portraying motherly roles and showed just that in Family Reunion (2019) TV drama.

You may remember her from Dreamgirls (2006) and Life Is Not a Fairytale: The Fantasia Barrino Story (2006).

Diahann Carroll

Diahann Carroll is the First Black Woman to Lead in a TV series

Although a strong fighter of racism and segregation during the 1960s, Diahann was able to break ethnic barriers onscreen, by becoming the first African-American woman to lead in a TV series.

Her contributions then, saw her grabbing a Golden Globe and an Emmy nomination.

Diahann’s later contributions to showbiz include appearances in Color Adjustment, White Collar, and The Masked Saint.

Cassi Davis

Cassie Davis is Known for Her Leading Role in Tyler Perry's House of Payne

When she’s not playing the role as the nosey next-door neighbor, she’s being nurturing and sweet as a grandmother.

Cassie, born Cassandra, is a black American actress who’s famous for her leading role in Tyler Perry’s House of Payne and the spinoff The Payne’s TV series.

She scored the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Actress in a Comedy series and works closely with Tyler Perry in his productions.

Leslie Uggams

Leslie Uggams is an Emmy Winning Actress Known for Her Role in Roots

Leslie, an American actress, prides her greatest achievement as her role as Kizzy in “Roots”, which later garnered her an Emmy nomination.

She hosted her own TV variety show – The Leslie Uggams Show – in the 1960s, later becoming the first to be hosted by a black American.

With a career spanning over 6 decades, Leslie continues with performances in hit films and series such as “Empire”, Deadpool, and Deadpool 2.

Mo’Nique (Monique Angela Hicks)

Mo'Nique is an Outspoken Actress Who Won a Golden Globe for the Precious Film

Mo’Nique is that outspoken, no-nonsense actress you want to hang around.

This strong persona of a woman rose to stardom as a member of the “Queens of Comedy”, and later won a Golden Globe for her impressive performance on “Precious”.

Throughout her career, Mo’Nique has scored various leading roles in films and TV series, including “The Parkers”, Phat Girlz, and Blackbird.

25 Black Actresses Over 50 Who Still Rock The Entertainment Industry, Conclusion

25 Black Female Actors Who Have Made Their Mark in Showbiz

These 25 black female actresses have paved the way for young black actresses.

With their struggles, especially for some who operated at a time when racism and segregation were at an all-time high, these women pushed through and defied the odds.

Through their struggles and sweat, black actresses today can lift their heads to the sky, take on more roles in showbiz, and shine as never before.

These 25 women are all legends in themselves and continue to be a light in the darkness.

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