5 Best Flat Irons For Natural Hair 2024 (Type 4c, 4b And 4a) – We Review And Compare

Best flat iron for natural black African American hair

Can I Flat Iron Hair Extensions? If So, How?

Hair Extensions, can they take heat?

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After a few weeks, human hair weaves lose their sheen. In order to bring back the straight, sleek strands, you may need to flat iron it.

Use a heat protectant just like you would on your natural hair. This is real hair, so it can burn.

Make sure the hair is completely clean (you should probably re-shampoo it) and dry before you iron it.

Start with your iron’s lowest heat setting. You may need to increase it over time, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. (After all, weaves are expensive.)

If you need to increase the hair, don’t go above 350 degrees.

After flat ironing, add finishing spray or style sealant in order to keep the strands in place.

What Are Myths About Heat From Flat Irons And Natural Hair?

Heat Myths regarding natural hair

You’ve probably heard some untrue facts about what happens to your natural hair when you straighten it.

Myth: As soon as you’ve straightened your hair with a flat iron, you’ve damaged it.

As long as you use a heat protectant and deep conditioner, and as long as you keep the flat iron on a responsible setting, your hair will be fine. Just avoid straightening your hair more than 1-2 times a month.

Myth: Straight hair isn’t natural hair.

You’re not straightening your hair with chemicals, so yes, it’s still natural hair. It’s no different from other styles like twist-outs or dreads.

Myth: You can fix heat-damaged hair.

You can improve heat-damaged hair with lots of deep conditioner and protein treatments, but once you lose the curl pattern, you probably won’t be able to get it back.

Is It Possible To Keep My Hair Straight For A Month?

How long will my hair stay straight after using a flat iron?

It’s not just possible – it’s easy! Natural women have kept their hair straightened for up to six weeks. How?

Consider going to a salon. Unless you’re a licensed professional, a stylist will be able to do the best job of straightening your hair without burning it.

Wrap your hair every night. This will reduce frizz and breakage.

Don’t add heavy products. Instead of the creams and lotions that your natural hair is used to, use light oils like jojoba or almond. A dime-size of oil each morning should keep your hair moisturized but not clumpy.

Stay away from humidity. When your hair is straight, keep it away from any type of moisture. It’s easy to stay out of the rain and reduce sweating (sorry, no marathon-running while you have a blowout!), but how do you avoid the moisture in the air? It’s trickier than you think. Let’s look at it more in our next section.

Best Flat Iron For Natural African American Hair (4c, 4b And 4a) – We Review & Compare

Flat irons are good alternatives to using a straightening brush. As long as you’re careful, a flat iron won’t damage your hair. Use a good protectant, keep the temperature low, pick the right flat iron, and you’re on your way to a sleek and beautiful style!

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