6 African Festivals Around the World

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There are plenty of festivals around the world today, too many for any one person to feel like they’ve even made a dent! But if you’re looking for something different to attend, maybe while traveling in a country you haven’t been to before, perhaps you should check out this list of what we think are the top global African-centric festivals.

All of these festivals in some way celebrate African culture, whether through music, art, speakers or even location.

6. Lake of Stars Festival – Malawi

The Lake of stars African festival
Image from: lakeofstars.org

Considered one of the best festivals in Africa, the Lake of Stars Festival is an international festival celebrating music, arts and culture on the beautiful Lake Malawi – the third largest lake in Africa.

The festival was actually started by a British tourist in 2003, but because it proved a huge boost for Malawi’s tourism economy, it was continued annually.

Every year big and small performers from not only African nations but around the world come together and make music and art for the over 7000 attendees, and last year over 30% of them were tourists from non-African countries, proving its worth on a global circuit.

5. AfrikaBurn – South Africa

Afrika burn festival
Image source: www.afrikaburn.com

This festival is based on the world famous Burning Man in America that draws tens of thousands every year – and its African cousin doesn’t do too bad itself, bringing over 10,000 people to Tankwa Town in the Karoo desert to celebrate the continent’s most “alternative” arts festival.

Like Burning Man, there aren’t any prepared performers or art installations, festival-goers are encouraged to make up their own performances and works of art to share with others – which have, in the past, included things like mutant vehicles, costumes and (naturally) burning structures.

4. African American Festival – USA

The African American Festival is an arts, music and culture festival held in Baltimore every year. It’s free to attend and numbers get up into the hundreds of thousands – with many people bringing their families along to celebrate.

The event is hosted by the mayor of Baltimore and features performances by many well-known African-American speakers and musical artists as well as more local performers. Plus, there are always stalls with crafts and delicious food to wander among over the festival weekend.

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