11 Black Female Fitness Models On YouTube – Get Your Pump On

Black Female Fitness Models On YouTube

Here we have the ultimate list for you if you want to find some fantastic black female fitness models on Youtube to get you excited and enthusiastic about working out.

These women are fit and fabulous and are here to get you motivated and moving. Their energy, attitude, and mindset will get you into shape in no time!

Kai Simon

Kai Simon

If you are looking for a workout that motivates and inspires you to be the best version of yourself, then Kai Simon is the woman for you. Kai currently has over 130K subscribers on YouTube and growing.

She is a personal trainer based out of San Diego, and she is as fabulous as her videos.

Kai started working out more than 15 years and was a San Diego State University college athlete. She suffered from a hip injury while in college and began understanding the difficulties and limitations of chronic pain during this time.

Her injury inspired her to create exercise programs focused on sustainable fitness. Kai’s workouts help individuals develop a solid foundation to help avoid injuries while working out.

She specializes in functional training and therapeutic exercise routines. Kai also includes amazing videos that focus on massage! The videos helps to ensure that people can easily follow along with her expert instructions without struggle.

Her video about the myofascial release technique for tight calves will have your legs singing her praise after a workout.

Her videos use various workout equipment to keep her workouts exciting and lively. Her videos provide balance and help provide a strong foundation.

Her mission, as she states, is to empower people to have a fun and balanced exercise routine that works for the individual person.

Breanna Dore

Breanna Dore

Black female fitness influencer Breanna Dore is the power and creator behind the YouTube Channel Fitness Dore’ with 2.64K subscribers currently.

She is also the creator of @15mdfitness, which is a 15-minute daily workout plan. Breanna’s goal is to inspire people to excel in life through fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

Breanna began her mission of inspiring after losing her father and battling depression. This loss was when she began going to the gym to gain the confidence she felt she had lost; she felt a whole new world open up to her and wanted to share that with other women.

Besides being a fitness trainer, Breanna is also an entrepreneur who instills that passion in her videos as well.

She manages to combine fitness and fabulousness with ease. Her tagline on her channel is “where fitness and beauty coexist,” which shines through in every video. She helps to make exercising fun without being too overly in your face with athletic passion.

Kola Olaosebikan 

Kola Olaosebikan

Are you looking for a workout backed by science and designed to maximize your time when you are working out? Then you need to check out Kola @KobokoFitness.

Kola is a wife, a mom, and a certified trainer with unique workouts on YouTube. She also admits that she loves pizza (but only without tomato sauce)! How can you NOT love that?

Her videos speak the truth, and you will nod your head in agreement while doing her booty challenge.

Kola has more than 1.76M subscribers currently on her YouTube channel. Kola specializes in HIIT workouts that require no extra equipment, just body weight for resistance.

She guides you through every single movement of an exercise, so you never worry whether you are performing the move correctly. She also provides monthly schedules to keep you on track. Kola does an excellent job at not only providing helpful workout advice but healthy lifestyle advice that will keep her viewer’s energy levels up all throughout the week. 

Her motto is “just to go for it.”

Her workouts are science-based, and you will definitely work hard. With more than 2 million people getting results from her workouts, you will absolutely find workouts that work for you.

Toni Mitchell

Toni Mitchell

Toni Mitchell first made a name for herself as a bodybuilder but has since become that and much more. Toni is now a fitness influencer, model, and social media star and still a bodybuilder.

Toni has 340K subscribers on her YouTube channel and focuses on a vegan, healthy, and wellness lifestyle. While she is a bodybuilder, she is known for her fabulous workout and amazing pictures.

Toni will provide you with energetic HIIT workouts and great vegan recipes to aid your lifestyle. Be sure to try the 5 minute Vegan Spaghetti recipe. It is delicious! Each of the videos are low-key and approachable as Toni Mitchell does a great job at appearing more like a helpful friend than as a professional trainer.

Toni acknowledges that we do not always do everything right (what we eat, how active we are), but as long as we are moving forward, we are moving.

Toni’s videos are funny, and she is very open and honest about her journey! You will feel personally inspired and connected to her while sweating away those inches.

Brittne Babe

Brittne Babe

Brittne, also known as “The Queen of Home Workouts,” is, as you guessed it, a total babe!

When Brittne started working out, she says she could not even do one push-up, so she started doing one daily. She kept on doing them, and look where she is now.

She has 326K subscribers on her YouTube channel and wants you to become a babe as well! Brittne’s intense workouts will definitely push you to the next level.

Brittne knows the value of working hard to achieve what you want. She believes that there is no excuse when it comes to making your health and fitness a priority in your life.

Her 21 Day challenges will get you to your desired goal quickly and efficiently, all while keeping a smile on your face. Her style can often come across as more of a vlog, but her videos do a great job at making fitness fun rather than a chore.

Not only does Brittne offer amazing workout videos on her channels, but she also offers advice about skincare, nutrition, and entrepreneurship.

She believes women are powerful and wants you to believe that as well. Her videos and training have motivated millions worldwide and will do the same for you.

Another great black female fitness model.

Nicole Raglan

Nicole Raglan

Nicole is based in Atlanta and is all about self-love, wellness, and creativity.

She has 1.2K subscribers on her Youtube channel and shares tips from the eight realms of wellness: emotional/mental, environmental, financial, intellectual, occupational, physical, social, and spiritual.

Nicole feeds your desire to work out and get in shape while at the same time nourishing your heart and soul.

She feels the most challenging thing she ever had to deal with was the limitations that she put upon herself. Nicole wants to help you overcome that same feeling too.

She wants you to feel empowered, and it works! You feel ready to take over the world after watching her videos.

Nicole’s videos cover everything from intense 30 minutes workouts, to vegan mac and cheese (which is AMAZING), to daily positive affirmations for black women. She really is a one-size fits all channel and does a great job at ensuring her audience is sees her as a person and not just a fitness machine.

She will motivate you physically, mentally, and emotionally. In every video, you can feel Nicole’s love of community and sisterhood.

Tara Johnson, A Black Female Fitness Influencer

Tara Johnson, A Black Female Fitness Influencer

Tara has 13.8K subscribers on her YouTube channel and is a personal trainer, group class instructor, and Booiaka Instructor.

Tara’s workouts are different and dynamic. She hates the idea of a “rut.” She likes to mix strength with running and lifting to keep it interesting.

Tara believes no one will ever regret a workout; it is always a reward. You get instant payback from her workouts. Her laugh and smile are infectious!

She does the unthinkable, making you sweat with a smile. Before you know it, you have worked your booty off for 30 minutes and laughed most of the time.

Be sure to check out her video of her eating a live octopus in Korea!

Tara also includes awesome videos about makeup and hair so you can slay with every part of yourself!

You will always feel better than you did before you worked out with Tara.



Janekate’s YouTube channel has 423K subscribers, and her goal is simple. She wants to help you to get up and to move!

On her channel, she wants to inspire you to live a happy and healthy lifestyle, helping you be the best person you can be.

Janekate posts everything on her channel, from meal plans to workout challenges. Her booty videos will definitely make YOUR booty pop!

She will push you through all types of workouts from Tabata, to HIIT, to 7-day challenges. These intense workouts will leave you sweating, but you will definitely want more.

In addition to her workouts, she also offers videos that offer advice on what to eat to gain muscle and the best high-protein meals.

Janekate will work you hard, and you will love the results!

Janaye Penn

Janaye Penn

Janaye Penn, also known as “PrettyMissJay,” is a beauty, fitness, and lifestyle YouTuber with 199K subscribers to her channel.

Janaye’s workouts are quick, effective, and so easy to accomplish. They are perfect for the beginner.

Janaye acknowledges that no one really wants to work out, so she makes sure you get the most bang for your buck with her videos.

Her 10-day series is perfect for the woman who does not have the time (or patience) for lengthy gym visits but still wants unbelievable results.

Even though her videos are quick, the results are enduring.

Her channel also features videos about what she eats to stay looking so spectacular and includes some to-die-for wigs videos!

Tiffany Rothe, A Black Female Fitness Model Youtuber

Tiffany Rothe, A Black Female Fitness Model Youtuber

Tiffany Rothe has 924K subscribers on her YouTube channel and provides videos that are quick, effective, and, most importantly, FUN!

She created her videos so that you can pick and choose what body area you want to focus on for that day.

Tiffany believes in variety and knows everyone wants to work and focus at their own pace.

Tiffany also has terrific pregnancy and postpartum workouts on her channel that will keep you looking incredible during and after the baby.

 In addition to the fantastic workouts, Tiffany has hilarious videos with commentary about life in general. She will make you laugh with her videos about dating after divorce!

Make sure to check out the video about online dating! HILARIOUS! You can also follow Tiffany through her 30-day vegan journey. That is definitely worth the watch.

Frantzcesca Casimir

Frantzcesca Casimir

Frantzcesca Casimir, or “Fancy Fit,” has 7.7K subscribers on her YouTube channel. She is a personal trainer and an active duty Staff Sargent in the army.

 Her channel covers everything from workouts to recipes to beauty tips while keeping you motivated and smiling.

“Fancy” is a Haitian-American originally from New York, and you can still hear a bit of that marvelous accent throughout her videos.

While in the army, she realized there was so much more to being healthy than simply exercising. Her goal is for every woman to gain the confidence that she has gained.

She works you step by step through full-body exercises so that you know that you are completing each correctly.

You can do her exercises at home or the gym, whichever you are most comfortable with doing.

Top Black Female Fitness Models On YouTube, Final Thoughts

So there you have it. These black fitness models are glowing on YouTube and dedicated to making you look as good as you feel!

Whether you want just to do toning and tightening or the body of a Staff Sargent, these women will get you inspired and motivated no matter what your fitness goals may be.

So what do you think?

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