25 Black Celebrities That Are A Sagittarius, Born November & December

Black Celebrities That Are Sagittarius

Where are all my Sagittarius brothers and sisters? As you can imagine, there are plenty of black celebrities born between the 22nd of November and the 21st of December.

If you’re wondering who you share the same sign with, here’s a list of Black celebrities that are Sagittarius.

1. Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson

Birthday: December 21, 1948

Samuel L. Jackson is an American actor widely known for his broad range of acting skills and talent.

He became concerned with the Black presence on screen, and after joining the Black-power movement in the 1960s, he became inspired to take up acting.

His determination helped land him roles in the most iconic movies like Pulp Fiction, the Star Wars Franchise, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

2. Ernie Hudson

Ernie Hudson

Birthday: December 17, 1945

Ernie Hudson played some iconic roles in his career as an actor.

Some include Winston Zeddemore in the Ghostbuster’s Franchise and Warden Gleo Lynn in HBO’s Oz.

He established his own theatre for himself and other Black playwrights early in his career. Since then, he has appeared in many shows such as L.A.’s Finest and Grace and Frankie.

3. Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj

Birthday: December 8, 1982

Nicki Minaj, born Onika Tanya Maraj, used her difficult upbringing to fuel her passion for succeeding in the music business.

Her music journey includes several platinum albums, including The Pinkprint and Pink Friday, several chart-topping singles, and successful collaborations.

She has taken a step back from the music scene to focus on her family but promises to release more hip-hop jams in the future.

4. Robin Givens

Robin Givens

Birthday: November 27, 1964

Robin Givens was encouraged to pursue creative activities as a child, which propelled her to take acting classes.

After graduating from Sarah Lawrence College, she landed a breakthrough role in the ABC sitcom “Head of the Class.”

She continues to earn roles in popular films and shows, such as the mayor in Riverdale and Jacqueline in the rom-com Boomerang.

5. Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson

Birthday: November 29, 1988

Pure athleticism runs through Russell Wilson, an American quarterback for the Denver Broncos.

He was a multi-sport star in high school with a divided passion for both football and baseball.

However, his success with his collegiate teams earned him a 75th draft pick by the Seattle Seahawks, where he threw 292 touchdown passes in a span of 9 seasons.

6. Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks

Birthday: December 4, 1973

Tyra Banks is a television personality, model, actress, and producer. She is popularly known as the host of America’s Next Top Model.

As an international supermodel, she became the first Black woman to be featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

After her modeling days, she hosted her own television show, opened a cosmetics line, and expanded her business ambitions.

7. Jay-Z


Birthday: December 4, 1969

Jay-Z, born Shawn Corey Carter, is regarded as a defining figure in hip-hop music.

Rap music became his escape from an environment surrounded by drugs and violence.

But, after starting his record label, he released several Billboard toppers, including the grammy-winning album Vol. 2 and “I Just Wanna Love U.”

8. Don Cheadle

Don Cheadle

Birthday: November 29, 1964

Don Cheadle has no shortage of talents, including producing, acting, writing music, and spoken word.

His acting achievements include roles in the Marvel franchise as Lt. Col. James ‘Rhodey’ Rhodes and The Guard (2011).

He has become just as successful off-screen with awards for his humanitarian efforts and spoken word album.

9. Tina Turner

Tina Turner

Birthday: November 26, 1939

Tina Turner, named the “Queen of Rock n’ Roll,” began her music career alongside her husband, Ike Turner.

They both achieved success with live performances and hits like “Proud Mary,” but Tina soon embarked on a solo journey.

Since then, she was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and released chart-topping singles like “What’s Love Got to Do With It?”

10. Raven-Symoné


Birthday: December 10, 1985

Raven-Symoné is an Atlanta native beginning her entertainment career starring in television advertisements.

Her big break came when she was cast in The Cosby Show as Olivia Kendall and became beloved by audiences.

She has starred in hit shows like That’s So Raven and received many awards, such as the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) Spirit Award in 2011.

11. Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx

Birthday: December 13, 1967

Academy-award winner Jamie Foxx has brought undeniable talent to the entertainment industry.

He’s given both emotionally compelling and action-packed performances in films like Just Mercy, Ray, and Collateral.

He has also released several successful R&B records, including his debut album Peep This in 1994.

12. Zoë Kravitz

Zoë Kravitz

Birthday: December 1, 1988

Zoë Isabella Kravitz is an actress and musician who has lit up the cinema scene with her role as Catwoman in The Batman.

As the daughter of entertainers Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet, she knew she wanted to pursue acting at a young age.

She forged her own path and worked hard to land roles in popular films like Mad Max: Fury Road and release her own music.

13. Charles Michael Davis

Charles Michael Davis

Birthday: December 1, 1984

Charles Michael Davis is an actor and model, performing in roles from vampires to police agents.

He began his career as a model for popular brands until moving on to breaking into a few small roles in television shows.

He is well known for his role as Marcel Gerard in the CW’s The Originals and is set to appear in the spin-off series Legacies.

14. Bo Jackson

Bo Jackson

Birthday: November 30, 1962

Vincent Edward “Bo” Jackson showcased his athletic talent throughout his high school, college, and professional career.

Bo’s collegiate career included a Sugar Bowl championship title, an MVP award in football, and a victorious season in baseball.

He played professional baseball for the Kansas City Royals, Chicago White Sox, and California Angels until he switched to football, where an injury ended his legendary career.

15. Janelle Monae

Janelle Monae

Birthday: December 1, 1985

Janelle Monae came from a working-class family where she knew early on that her success would stem from her passion.

Her big break would come after dropping out of school when she was discovered by Big Boi, a member of the duo OutKast.

Her EP Metropolis: Suite I attracted more attention, and from there, she released Grammy-nominated albums that were as unique as her powerful voice.

16. Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard

Birthday: December 8, 1985

Dwight Howard was born in Atlanta, where he attended McDonald’s High School, earning All-American status.

His success doesn’t stop there, though. In 2004, he was the first overall pick in the NBA draft by the Orlando Magic until he ended up teaming with the Los Angeles Lakers in 2021.

His career statistics include Three-time Defensive Player of the Year, Eight-time NBA All-Star, Eight-time All-NBA Honoree, and Olympic Gold Medalist in 2008.

17. Fikayo Tomori

Fikayo Tomori

Birthday: December 19, 1997

Although he was born in Canada, Fikayo Tomori moved to England at the age of one, where he would eventually join England’s national football (soccer) team.

His career began with Chelsea FC’s youth academy and then went on a loan spell to other Premier League clubs until he finally landed a permanent contract with the Italian soccer club AC Milan in 2021.

18. Regina Hall

Regina Hall

Birthday: December 12, 1970

Regina Hall is a journalist turned actress, getting her big break in the Scary Movie franchise as the character who provided a bit of comedy and drama.

Soon small roles turned into bigger appearances, such as in the films Think Like A Man, Girl’s Trip, and Vacation.

While her original career plans didn’t work out, she gained immeasurable success in the film industry and continues to provide laughable moments on-screen.

19. DeSean Jackson

DeSean Jackson

Birthday: December 1, 1986

DeSean Jackson is an American football player who has played as a wide receiver for many NFL teams, including the Philadelphia Eagles, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Las Vegas Raiders.

A total of 2,423 receiving yards and 22 receiving touchdowns landed him an all-time third rank at the University of California.

He was drafted by the Eagles in 2008, leading to many seasons as a punt returner and wide receiver.

20. Charles Oakley

Charles Oakley

Birthday: December 18, 1963

In the world of the NBA, Charles Oakley is regarded as one of the best rebounders to step foot on the court.

Although he is a former pro, his career still stays in the minds of NBA fans. He was nicknamed “Oak Tree” by his teammates for his tough and serious demeanor on the court.

He currently ranks 25th in all-time NBA games played with 1,282 games and 22nd in all-time rebounds with 12,205.

21. Mark Ingram Jr.

Mark Ingram Jr.

Birthday: December 21, 1989

Mark Ingram Jr. is a professional football player currently playing for the New Orleans Saints as a running back. 

He played for the University of Alabama for three seasons, where he received the 2009 Heisman Trophy, an SEC Championship title, and a BCS National Championship Title.

He continues to play with the Saints, where he ran more than 6,000 yards and caught 50 rushing touchdowns.

22. Keri Hilson

Keri Hilson

Birthday: December 5, 1982

Songwriter, vocalist, vocal arranger, and singer are just a few of the titles associated with Keri Hilson’s name.

Her early years were full of determination to become a singer, and her work with producer Anthony Dent gave her the jumpstart to get there.

Her songwriting abilities allowed her to co-write hit singles like Britney Spears’ “Gimme More” and her hits like “Knock You Down.”

23. Giannis Antetokounmpo

Giannis Antetokounmpo

Birthday: December 6, 1994

Known as the “Greek Freak,” Giannis Antetokounmpo has the size and talent to help him excel in all areas of basketball.

His coaches helped him perfect his craft as a youngster, eventually leading him to the attention of the Milwaukee Bucks. 

Since he joined the NBA team, he has become the first Greek NBA all-star player to start in an NBA all-star game and lead the Bucks in all statistical categories.

24. Dionne Warwick

Dionne Warwick

Birthday: December 12, 1940

Dionne’s long career as a singer and performer began with a gospel influence but transitioned into a more R&B and pop influence.

She became the first African-American female artist to receive a Grammy for a single and the album I’ll Never Fall in Love Again.

She even used her fame to support and raise awareness for many causes and continues to work as an activist.

25. Tiffany Haddish

Tiffany Haddish

Birthday: December 3, 1979

Tiffany Haddish is an Emmy-award-winning stand-up comedian and actress mainly known for providing hilarious moments in most movies.

Her early career consisted of backup roles until she landed a major part in Girl’s Trip alongside Regina Hall and tough breaks as a comedian in L.A.

But she was rewarded for her persistence, becoming the first African-American female comedian to host Saturday Night Live.

Top Black Celebrities That Are Sagittarius, Final Thoughts

Many Black celebrities belong to the Sagittarius zodiac sign. And they all vary in professions, from professional basketball players to comedians.

It shows the range of talent that these celebrities have and can offer the world of entertainment.

Their determination to overcome the odds and achieve greatness is inspiring and perfectly captures the energy of the Sagittarius sign.

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