7 Gift Ideas For Your Black Boyfriend 2024

7 Gift Ideas For Your Black Boyfriend

For The Man On The Go: A Customized Analog Watch

Lap Watch

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A modern man checks the time on his cell phone, but a classic man knows the importance of an old-fashioned watch. Give him a personalized watch that will let him savor every moment. Inscribe his name onto a sophisticated pocket watch that he can wear inside his suit on the way to work.

If he’s a little more on the hipster side, be a little more creative and inscribe his initials onto a leather lap watch, pictured above. It winds around his wrist, making this dressy enough for the office but casual enough for a coffee date.

Get the leather lap watch on Etsy or order your own monogrammed pocket watch.

For The Man Who’s Always In The Gym: A Fitbit

Black boyfriend gift the Fitbit

If your boyfriend is always hitting the gym – or if he says that he wants to – help him track his fitness goals with a Fitbit. This handy little device tracks exercise, logs food, measures weight and records goals. It also comes in six colors, so get him a unique hue like plum that he can mix and match with his favorite ties.

If you’re always trying to find the motivation to hit the gym, then get yourself a matching Fitbit and turn exercise into cute dates.

Get yours from Amazon or learn more at the official website.

For The Social Justice Activist: Civil Rights-Themed T-Shirts

T-Shirt as a present for your African American man

With Trump as president and the Black Lives Matter in full swing, civil rights are more important now than ever. If your boyfriend is at the forefront of every International Women’s March or Immigration rights rally, he’s going to need something fly to wear to each one. Offer him a unique take on the civil rights movement with hand-crafted t-shirts.

If he’s a reader, also stimulate his mind with the collected works of Angela Davis, Martin Luther King, and Malcolm X.

7 Gift Ideas For Your Black Boyfriend

Express your love for your boyfriend with the right gift. If you’re still looking for love, then check out a few amazing dating sites that cater specifically to black women, or get inspired by looking at the thirteen most amazing black celebrity couples.

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