13 Black Actresses Under 30 You’ll Want To Follow

The Best Black Actresses Under 30

Camille Winbush

Camille Winbush Is Dedicated to Her Community Despite a Busy Career

Camille’s acting journey has earned her a Young Artist Award and three Image Awards for Outstanding Supporting Actress. Born 1990, Camille’s career blew through the roof with her appearance in The Bernie Mac Show (2001), but her debut was made in the television series, Viper (1994).

Since, she has appeared in numerous television series, making use of both recurring and non-recurring roles.

Camille’s career shows women that they can have the best of both worlds; a career they love and active involvement in social issues. Throughout her career, she highlights how important it is to make the first move and take the initiative.

African American Actresses Under 30: Vanessa Morgan

African American Under 30 Actresses Vanessa Morgan Has Lived a Life of Bullying and Trolling But She Handles Them Well

Vanessa’s life of acting kicked off in 2000 when she made her appearance as young Ebony in the television film A Diva’s Christmas Carol. She’s widely known for her contributions as a lead actress in the Latest Buzz (2007) and My Babysitter’s a Vampire (2010). Vanessa has also received popularity on American drama series, Riverdale (2017), as Toni Topaz.

The 26-year-old Canadian actress shows women how to handle online bullying and trolling. As someone who’s received several death threats throughout her career, she maintains a calm, quiet stance.

Yara Shahidi

Yara Shahidi Helps Young People Come Together to Discuss Social Issues in a Peaceful Way

Meet the black actresses who personally received a college letter of recommendation from Michelle Obama. Yara is all about lobbying for equality and spreading political awareness.

The 18-year-old American and Iranian actress made her appearance on Imagine That (2009). She was also cast as Esther in the series In The Motherhood (2007) for 5 episodes. She’s more intimately known for her performances in Black-ish (2014) and Grown-ish (2018).

Through her club – Yara Club – this young activist brings high school students together in an amicable forum to discuss social issues and the best course of action to take.  

Zazie Beetz Is A Popular Black Female Actress Less Than 30 Years Old

Popular Black Female Actress Zazie Beetz Is Less Than 30 Years Old

At 27 years old, Zazie speaks English, German, and French. She made her first film appearance as The Crocotta in “The Crocotta” (2013). Her name caught popularity for her role in Applesauce (2015), Atlanta (2016), Deadpool 2 (2018), and a few others.

Zazie shows young women that it’s ok to be anxious and fearful. But, she also endorses doing what is needed to survive and showing gratitude, despite the insecurities.


Black Actresses Under 30 Conclusion

The Best Black Actresses Under 30
These young black actresses chose to stand their ground and create their own path in showbiz. Maybe you’re on a similar journey or the opposite road. Whatever the case, their careers can help you deal with various situations in life that could steal your happiness. Their experiences provide lessons for you to look at.

Now that you know what these young women stand for, what will you do? Will you allow their experiences to help you grow in your journey and become the woman you ought to be?

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