16 Famous Ebony Lesbians, Some Of These Are Black Bisexual Women

Audre Lorde

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If you ever need a poem to accurately describe how you’re feeling, chances are that Audre Lord the words for you.

Born in the city that never sleeps, the writer would become known as a feminist and civil rights activist.

Lorde found poetry at an early age.

When her school didn’t want to publish her poetry for being inappropriate, do you know what she did?

She sent it to Seventeen magazine and they published it instead!

Audre recognized herself as queer from a young age and contributed this to why she often felt like an outcast during her younger years.

In her early 20s, she began to vocally refer to herself as a lesbian and integrated herself into the community within Greenwich Village.

Lorde was always very vocal about being a voice for “unacceptable” women – women who were Black, poor, old, or lesbians.

This is a message that she spread throughout her time and a message that will continue to be passed through her literature.

The poet passed away in November 1992 from liver cancer.

Josephine Baker Is A Bisexual Black Woman

Josephine Baker is black female entertainer who entertained many female lovers during marriages to 4 husbands.
Image courtesy of the Josephine Baker official site

What is the age of Old Hollywood without women like Josephine Baker?

She loved all the glitz and glam, and who wouldn’t?

The entertainer is known for multiple things.

While she was the first African-American to appear in a major motion film, we have to recognize her for her activism as well.

When Josephine Baker wasn’t showing up on the screen, she was at rallies and marches.

And while the entertainer was traveling all over the world and had easy access to presidents and their palaces, her civil rights were still up for debate in the States.

Not only was she a key member of the NAACP, but she also spoke at the March on Washington.

While all this was going on, Baker was getting married and divorced and married again.

Even though she had 4 marriage all with men, one of her children made it known that the entertainer definitely had a few relationships with women as well.

Sheryl Swoopes

Sheryl Swoopes is a bisexual WNBA player.
Image courtesy of the Sheryl Swoopes official website

Basketball is her favorite sport.

Do you like the way she dribbles up and down the court?

Let’s shoot some hoops with Sheryl Swoopes.

In the history books of the WNBA, you’ll always find this athlete.

When the WNBA became a thing in 1997, Sheryl Swoopes was the first woman to be signed.

After being signed to the Houston Comets, she would lead her team to 4 WNBA championships.

She would play for the Houston Comets for 10 years before 1 year with the Seattle Storm and Tulsa Shock each.

After her career as a player, she went on to be a coach and currently assists as Texas Tech.

The WNBA Hall of Famer is bisexual.

She was originally married in June 1995 to her high school sweetheart, a relationship that lasted four years.

Afterwards, Swoopes became involved with the Houston Comets assistant coach, Alisa Scott.

Since then, the couple has separated and Swoopes was remarried to Chris Unclesho.

Tracy Chapman Is An Ebony Lesbian

Tracy Chapman is a lesbian folk singer with romantic ties to Alice Walker.
Image courtesy of the Tracy Chapman official Facebook page

Do you have a fast car?

Tracy Chapman is a musical icon, and before this list, you might’ve not known that she’s a lesbian.

While her music might not be the classic R&B or Hip Hop you’re used to hearing, she’s made a road for herself in folk music.

Right at the beginning of her year, Chapman started collecting awards.

In 1988 off her self-titled debut album, she won numerous awards.

This would include Best Female Video at the Billboard Music Awards for “Fast Car.” Best International Solo Female at the BRIT Awards, and Favorite Pop Rock New Artist at the American Music Awards.

Not to mention, Chapman has 4 Grammy Awards under her belt.

She took home 3 Grammy Awards in 1988 for Best New Artist, Best Contemporary Folk Album, and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance.

Tracy Chapman is very hush hush about her romantic relationships and sexual orientation.

While she has never claimed to be one thing or another, she has confirmed her past relationship with Alice Walker.

Bessie Smith

Bessie Smith was a bisexual singer who indulged in relationships with men and women.

Now if you’re looking for an iconic blue singer, look no further than Bessie Smith.

If she’s not being called by her given name, you’ll hear them calling her Empress of the Blues.

Born in Tennessee in the 1890s, Bessie started singing at a young age.

When her family didn’t have enough money, she would team up with her brother to put on street performances.

This would eventually lead Smith to her first recording contract in the early 1920s.

She would eventually go on to become the highest paid black entertainer for some point in time.

And while she married in 1923, the relationship wasn’t built to last.

Even though she was married, Bessie had a long line of female lovers and her husband could never adjust to this.

The couple would separate after it was discovered that her husband was also having an extra-marital affair.

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