15 Top Black Movies On Amazon Prime Video 2024

Best Black Movies On Amazon Prime Video

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Finding a good movie to watch can sometimes be hard. There are many streaming platforms you can choose from for entertainment. But finding the right movie for you, especially black movies, can still be a chore. 

Amazon Prime, like other streaming giants such as Netflix and Hulu, is chock-full of entertainment. The streaming platform has been adding a lot of must-watch films to its roster. 

The good news is a lot of them are specifically black movies. 

So to narrow your search for a movie you are guaranteed to enjoy, here’s a round-up of some of the best black movies Amazon Prime Video has to offer: 

Fast Color 

Fast Color

Starring Gugu-Mbatha-Raw, Fast Color is a very interesting take on the superhero genre. It follows the story of a young black woman who has superpowers. 

She goes on the run when the threat of her superpowers being discovered arises. 

This film is also a refreshing look at the familial relationships between black woman across generations. It offers some great superhero action while also bringing something tender and warm-hearted to the story. 

This film is very suited to anyone who enjoys sci-fi/fantasy stories or who enjoys superhero franchises.

Lovers Rock

Lovers Rock

Lovers Rock is a romantic, beautifully shot and dreamy movie that follows a group of young black people at a house party in the 1980s in London. 

The movie showcases them falling in love with each other and with music as the outside world faces violence and brutality. 

This movie is a beautiful example of showcasing black joy amidst all the kinds of chaos that exist in the world for black people. 

This is definitely one to watch if you enjoy the 1970s/80s aesthetic, music and romance. 

Five Fingers For Marseilles 

Five Fingers For Marseilles

Five Fingers For Marseilles is a South African film that follows a group of freedom fighters called the Five Fingers in a town called Marseilles. 

One of the freedom fighters who fought against police oppression in Marseilles returns twenty years later to find the town under threat yet again. He must then decide whether or not to take action once again the injustices. 

This movie is great for anyone who enjoys the western and thriller genres. There is a lot of great action in the film, beautiful shots and a captivating storyline. 

Life And Nothing More 

Life And Nothing More

Life And Nothing More follows a single mother of two working at a diner. After her 14-year-old son faces trouble with the law, she begins to worry about his future and the possibility of him ending up in prison like his father.

This dramatic movie on Prime Video focuses a lot on the experience of black motherhood. The main character goes through a lot raising her two sons under the constant threat of violence in their world.

Anyone who enjoys a good drama showcasing the complexities of black mother-son relationships under the American socio-political climate will definitely like this one. 

Selah And The Spades

Selah And The Spades

High School drama has never been so good. Selah And The Spades follows a group of teenagers at a fictional, elite boarding school called Haldwell School. The main character, Selah, is at the top of the hierarchy of the school. 

The movie follows her journey as she leads a faction of the student body called The Spades. This faction sells in-demand drugs to the rest of the student body.

This movie is great for anyone who enjoys the intricacies of high school dramas and stories of teenage self-discovery. The actors are also really great and the storyline is quite gripping. 

One Night In Miami

One Night In Miami

One Night In Miami is the first film directed by the great actress Regina King. The movie is a dramatized telling of a meeting between Malcom X, Muhammad Ali, Jim Brown and Sam Cooke in 1964 to celebrate Ali’s win of a title boxing match against Sonny Liston. 

The film follows the four legends in conversation and conflict one evening in a Miami hotel room. They discuss many issues of black liberation, success and responsibility. 

This film is great for anyone who enjoys a good drama and black history. The cast, which includes the talented Leslie Odom Jr and Kinsley Ben-Adir, is brilliant. The story is also very catching. 



The Time documentary film follows a woman named Sibil Fox Richardson whose husband is incarcerated. 

The documentary zooms in on the life and work of Sibil, who is an abolitionist, author and activist, among other things. 

While showcasing Sibil’s incredible fight for her husband’s release, the documentary also shows the growth of their twin sons from young boys to men and the beauty of family relationships. 

This movie is great for anyone who is interested in documentaries and social justice. 

The Weekend

The Weekend

This comedic film The Weekend follows a Comedian whose weekend plans are disrupted by the unexpected appearance of her ex-boyfriend, his new girlfriend and another guest. 

The movie is very humorous in as much as the characters find themselves in a number of sticky situations. While their circumstances may be cringey, the movie definitely keeps its audience entertained. 

This is a great movie for anyone who enjoys a romcom with just the right amount of drama in its storyline. 

Southside With You

Southside With You

In Southside With You, we get to watch a telling of the true story of how former President and First Lady Barack and Michelle Obama met.

This Amazon Prime Video movie follows the two on their first date. It is funny, warm and inspiring. The movie is also very beautifully shot.

For anyone looking for a heart-warming but more realistic romantic movie, this is the one for you.

Sylvie’s Love

Sylvie’s Love

Sylvie’s Love is centered around a summer romance between a woman taking a temporary job in Harlem and a saxophone player. 

The two share a great, but brief romance over the summer. They then sepsrate, only to reconnect years later and discover that they still have a connection.

This movie is everything you would want in a whirlwind-romance period film. It is also a great example of black movies the celebrate black love. This is absolutely worth watching if this genre interests you. 

Eve’s Bayou

Eve’s Bayou

Keeping things old-school, Eve’s Bayou is a classic 1997 dramatic movie worth watching. 

Eve’s Bayou is about the life of a 10-year-old, Eve, who discovers that her family life isn’t as perfect as she thoughts. 

The film stars Samuel L. Jackson as Eve’s doctor father, whose actions cause trouble in his marriage and the dynamic of the family. 

Eve finds comfort, however, from her psychic aunt in the midst of all of this drama. 

I Am Not Your Negro – A Black Documentary On Prime Video

I Am Not Your Negro

I Am Not Your Negro is a documentary-style film is based on the writings of James Baldwin. 

It follows the work of Baldwin with regards to the Civil Rights movement, racial inequality in America and his thoughts on the treatment of civil rights advocates such as Malcom X and Martin Luther King Jnr, whom he was good friends with at the time of both their assassinations.

This documentary is great for anyone who is passionate about social justice, racial equality and the history of black liberation struggles.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Taking things back to the superhero movie genre, Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse is an absolute must-watch movie. 

The movie follows a black, teenage Miles Morales who (like all the Spidermen before him) gets his superpowers from a radioactive spider. 

Miles is a refreshingly different character to all the previous Spidermen in the franchise. The movie is also wonderfully directed, and the animation is fantastic.

This movie is highly recommended for fans of superhero storylines.

Guava Island

Guava Island

Guava Island, a musical film starring Donald Glover and Rihanna, is quite a delight to watch. The movie is based on a story written by Donald Glover. 

The movie follows Glover’s character, who is a musician planning a festival, and his girlfriend, played by Rihanna, who is a seamstress. We see the two navigate life on a small island (Guava island). 

The story gets interesting when Glover’s character faces challenges with getting his festival plans approved by authorities, due to the fact that it would slow down workers’ productivity the next day. 

This short film is great for anyone who enjoys musicals and a tropical island aesthetic.

Girls Trip

Girls Trip

Girls Trip is a hoot and will absolutely have you howling. The movie follows a group of middle-aged black women who go on a girls’ trip that ends up being full of mishaps that make for comedic gold. 

The cast of this movie is very talented, and their adventures are entertaining from begin to end. This is definitely worth watching if you love adventure and comedy. 

15 Top Black Movies On Amazon Prime Video, Conclusion

Top Black Movies On Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime is chock-full of great movies to choose from. Across a number of genres, you are guaranteed to find at least a few movies on the platform that are black-centered and enjoyable. 

By following this list of the best black movies to look out for, you should be able to have a great viewing experience with Amazon Prime Video.  

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