30 Black YouTubers 2024; Male & Female Channels

Best Black Female YouTubers

Influencers are taking over the world, so much so that an “influencer” is a thing.

We use to consider celebrities influencers, but there are a few new kids in town.

Youtube isn’t new and a lot of the more popular faces aren’t new either.

In fact, tons of black female YouTubers have put in years of work to build up their platform and reach thousands or millions of followers.

We’re trying to big up a lot of these people who are grindin’ and hustlin’, while also giving you entertainment.

So when you catch yourself wandering over to YouTube, these are the black YouTubers you need to follow.

Best Black Female Youtubers

Jackie Aina

Jackie Aina Black Youtuber
Youtube: Jackie Aina

Is there a YouTuber who is more known than Jackie Aina right now?

A proud army vet, Jackie has enlisted herself in “changing the standard of beauty, one video at a time.”

From makeup reviews to unpopular opinions to self-roasts, she is the new standard for the all around package.


Glozell African American Youtuber
Youtube: Glozell

“Is you okay? Is you?” Do you need a little comedy in your life?

GloZell is the one to do it.

This YouTuber’s fame has taken her way beyond the walls of her channel.

After starting her channel back in 2008, she’s since interviewed our forever president, Barack Obama.

From that bright green lipstick to her hilarious cinnamon challenge, get your laughs in while you can.

Patricia Bright

Patricia Bright Is A Black Youtube Star
Youtube: Patricia Bright

If you need a little wit packaged into a beautiful, melanin woman, your girl is Patricia Bright.

Straight from across the pond, once you stop admiring her accent, you’ll fall in love with her personality.

Honest, blunt, and unafraid to make fun of herself, Ms. Bright will have phrases like “nipples to the wind” becoming a part of your own vocabulary.

Nyma Tang

Nyma Tang Black Female Youtuber
Youtube: Nyma Tang

Come through, queen!

If you’re looking for rich melanin and a total sweetheart, that’s Nyma Tang.

An important part of YouTube’s beauty community, Nyma is okay with taking L’s in the name of her melanin-infused sisters.

From drugstore to high end brands, she’s ready to call out the brands who lack in inclusivity.

Alissa Ashley

Alissa Ashley, The Black Youtuber
Youtube: Alissa Ashley

Do you ever get to that point where you’re sick of watching YouTubers make the same videos over and over again?

Alissa Ashley is a breath of fresh air!

A true expert in her craft, she dedicates herself to finding new ways to keep her followers interested, even if this means allowing a wheel to choose her makeup tools.



ItsMyRayeRaye Black Youtuber
Youtube: ItsMyRayeRaye

Come thru, Raye! Raye Boyce, better known as ItsMyRayeRaye is a beautiful presence over there on the ‘Tube.

A new mother, she’s known for her skincare and bomb makeup.

Plus, she’s never one to fake the funk. With popular collaborations with BH Cosmetics and Colourpop, this queen is on top of the world.

Alyssa Forever

Black Female Youtuber Alyssa Foreverr
Youtube: Alyssa Forever

Fashion? Check! Makeup?




When it comes to Alyssa Forever, she’s giving her subscribers a taste of her lifestyle.

Not only is she coming through with content we all need, she’s also trying to help us save a buck.

Whether she’s styling one shoe nine ways or crafting her own designer shoes, she’s got everything.


Makeupshayla Black Youtuber
Youtube: Makeupshayla

Bougee meets real.

If you need a mix of bad and bougee, Makeupshayla is “zoin’ it, boo boo.”

Another staple in the beauty community, she’s going to bring reviews and hot fire looks.

While she’ll mostly stick to beauty videos, she might toss a bone or two with how she got her snatched body – naturally.

Shameless Maya

Shameless Maya Black Youtuber
Youtube: Shameless Maya

Are you looking for the real feel into someone’s life?

A lot of YouTubers craft a “vibe” for their online lives and others like Shameless Maya do it authentically.

Having spent 7 years on YouTube, she has grown to content about beauty, health, and travel.

Plus, as someone in her 30’s, she’s a fresh face as compared to some of these problematic teens (and even adults)!

Notorious KIA

The Notorious KIA Black Youtuber
Youtube: The Notorious KIA

If you feel like you’re constantly trying to step your wardrobe up, you need to take some tips from The Notorious KIA.

Want to know how to find amazing pieces at a thrift store?

She’s got you.

Need some ideas for a first date?

She’s got you too!

Another thing she has – amazing hair and beautiful skin.

She’ll also throw in a few hair and skincare videos for your viewing pleasure.


GlamTwinz Black Youtubers
Youtube: GlamTwinz334

Two heads are better than one and the GlamTwinz are proof!

Kelsey and Kendra are two Southern ‘bamas who have a love for all things makeup, hair, and Starbucks.

From their flowing natural curls to fashion hauls and lookbooks, these two queens are worth tapping that subscribe button for.


MonicaStyleMuse Black Youtuber
Youtube: MonicaStyleMuse

Where are our Afro-Latinas?!

MonicaStyleMuse is a proud Dominicana and a proud black woman.

While she started off with a focus in fashion, she soon found a love for makeup.

If you think you know nothing about makeup, Monica is unafraid to admit the same!

From a beautiful face to an equally beautiful personality, all we gotta ask is, “what you was sayin’?”

Oneika the Traveller

Oneika the Traveller Black Youtuber
Youtube: Oneika the Traveller

Do you need a push to start traveling the world?

Oneika the Traveller will give you all the wanderlust you need to book that ticket.

Having visited over 90 countries, not only is she immersing herself in the culture of many, but she’s also giving a few French lessons along the way.



MsAaliyahJay Black Youtuber
Youtube: MsAaliyahJay

If there are two words to accurately describe MsAaliyahJay, it’s “SLAY HUNTY.”

With a clear love of fashion, makeup, and traveling, she’ll make you want to get your life right so you can live your best life!

Bri Hall

Bri Hall Black Youtuber
Youtube: Bri Hall

YouTuber turned musical artist, Bri Hall can do it all.

While she first made waves doing hair and makeup videos, she soon branched out to other creative avenues.

Not only has she been trying her hand at music, but her “Draw With Me” videos show just how truly talented she is!


Naptural85 Black Youtuber
Youtube: Naptural85

Are you a naturalista?

Are you someone who might want to go natural?

It’s not always easy so having backup is a good thing!

Naptural85 is doing all the things you’ve ever (and never) thought of to her hair so you can see the results.

From new styles to easy hacks, she’s making the natural life easier and a lot more fun.

Tiarra Monet

Tiarra Money Black Youtuber
Youtube: Tiarra Monet

Easy, breezy, beautiful Cover Girl!

A lot of YouTubers use the platform as their major hustle, but not Tiarra Monet!

While this Cover Girl ambassador loves her makeup, her skills show in both her hair videos and at her NYC salon.

Cydnee Black

Cydnee Black Black Youtuber
Youtube: Cydnee Black

We’ve got Cydnee Black doing it on YouTube for Denver!

This young influencer has amassed nearly three-quarters of a million subscribers.

From videos to get your skin right to videos on getting your mind right, this beauty is bold and progressive.


SonjdraDeluxe Black Youtuber
Youtube: SonjdraDeluxe

When it comes to makeup, a lot of us are beginners.

You might spend hours looking at tutorials to get better, and Sonjdradeluxe is a must on your list.

With poppin’ brows, beautiful eye shadow, and a bold undercut, check her out if you want to make “being extra” work for you.

Ashley Devonna

Ashley Devonna Black Youtuber
Youtube: Ashley Devonna

Dallas, we out here! If you love long vlogs, try-on hauls, and wig tutorials, visit Ashley Devonna’s side of YouTube.

With things like mental health still being somewhat taboo in the black and African American community, she is very vocal about using therapy as a way to get your mind right.

Aysha Harun

Aysha Harun Black Youtuber
Youtube: Aysha Harun

We have Canada in the building, and no, we’re not talking about Drake!

A beautiful 20-something hijabi, Aysha Harun’s content is as fresh as her skin.

With daily videos dedicated to Ramadan, her easy-to-follow meal prep, and her gorgeous makeup looks, she’s ideal for well-rounded videos.



Jouelzy Black Youtuber
Youtube: Jouelzy

Are you trying to keep up with the culture?

You better smash that subscribe button for Jouelzy!

She keeps her content relevant whether you like beauty, food, or Michelle Obama. She’s interviewed FLOTUS, y’all!

Best African American Male Youtubers

Alonzo Lerone

Alonzo Lerone Black Youtuber
Youtube: Alonzo Lerone

Are you trying to laugh and laugh until you can’t laugh anymore?

Alonzo Lerone is somehow able to find every funny thing on the internet!

From the dumbest fails to the funniest memes to hit the web, his videos will always leave you with a few laughs.

Desus and Mero

Desus and Mero Black Youtubers
Youtube: Desus and Mero

Desus and Mero have been around the block, and YouTube is just one stop of the tour!

While their tackling both tough and fun topics, the duo is well-known for their appearance on shows like Guy Code and Uncommon Sense with Charlemagne.

Mystic Got Jokes

Mystic Got Jokes Black Youtuber
Youtube: Mystic Got Jokes

If you love pranks, it’s time to follow Mystic Got Jokes.

It’s clear he really does have jokes since he’s been able to gain over 4.3 million subscribers.

From pranks to challenges, you’ll never know what to expect!


AdrianXpression Black Youtuber
Youtube: AdrianXpression

We can never have too many people giving their opinion and AdrianXpression is another YouTuber to subscribe.

As another who focuses of pop culture, you’ll get his take on everything from politics to Love & Hip Hop beef.

Marques Brownlee

Marques Brownlee Black Youtuber
Youtube: Marques Brownlee

Not everyone on YouTube is a part of the beauty community.

Everyone isn’t about pop culture and entertainment either.

If you’re trying to figure out how to work the latest tech gadget, check out Marques Brownlee.

From phone comparisons to interviewing Bill Gates, this guy is legit.

Chris Smoove

Chris Smoove Black Man Youtuber
Youtube: Chris Smoove

If you love the NBA and 2K, Chris Smoove is the channel for you. Completely immersing himself into the world, his content ranges from game highlights to his fictional life as a character in 2K19.

DeStorm Power

Destorm Power - an African American Youtuber
Youtube: Destorm Power

DeStorm Power has been on YouTube for over 10 years and his channel has just gotten better and better.

From hip hop videos to skits, he’s gained over 480 million views on YouTube and he doesn’t show signs of slowing down yet!

Prince EA

Prince EA Black Male Youtuber
Youtube: Prince EA

Prince EA is a jack of all trades on YouTube.

With the ultimate goal of helping us evolve, he’s hitting his subscribers with spoken word, jokes, and advice for success.

While it’s easy to glance at his channel and instantly think he’s a jokester, his well-thought content has made him a staple on the Internet.

Top African American Female And Male YouTubers You Need to Follow, Wrapping It Up

Everyone’s always saying “support the culture,” but we also have to support those helping craft it.

Don’t just buy into your favorite brands and drop your coins.

These Black YouTubers are helping diversify entertainment and pop culture.

All you need to do is watch a video.

From self-love to traveling to comedy, there’s no reason not to swag surf right onto their wave.

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