Does Nicki Minaj Have Kids? The Truth May Surprise You

Does Nicki Minaj Have Kids?

Nicki Minaj, born in 1982 as Onika Tanya Maraj, is an American hip-hop artist most known for her singles, “Super Bass,” “Starships,” and “Anaconda,” and often hailed as the Queen of Rap.

The first female solo artist to have seven singles on the Billboard Top 100 chart simultaneously, Nicki Minaj has quite a fan base. This stardom has fans asking about her personal life and, particularly, does Nicki Minaj have kids?

Read on to learn about the chart-topping singer-songwriter’s professional career and private life.

Does Nicki Minaj Have Kids?

Yes. Nicki Minaj has one son with her husband Kenneth Petty. Born in 2020, Minaj has worked hard to keep him out of the public eye.

Nicki Minaj has a son with husband Kenneth Petty
Nicki Minaj has a son with husband Kenneth Petty

What is Nicki Minaj’s son’s name?

Minaj has not officially released her son’s name; she affectionately calls him, “Papa Bear” and her fans often refer to him as “Simba.”

Those were the quick answers, read on for a lot more detail.

Is Nicki Minaj’s Son Black?

Yes, Nicki Minaj’s son is black. This is because Kenneth Petty, her son’s father, is African American. Nicki is also mainly African American.

Marriage and Children

Nicki Minaj's black family including her kid son

Minaj dated several rappers and artists before settling down and marrying her African American husband.

Kenneth “Zoo” Petty

Kenneth Petty and Minaj met and dated as teenagers in Queens and reconnected in 2018.

Petty quickly rose in popularity following Minaj’s announcement of their connection. People were curious about her new partner and his history. He made a few appearances in her music videos, including “Hot Girl Summer” and “Megatron,” as well as on the cover of one of her singles. He quickly became her muse and confidant.

Their relationship was controversial from the start due to Petty’s tumultuous past, including charges of rape and manslaughter. As fans began digging into Petty’s past, Minaj faced backlash. She responded, however, in strong support for her partner.

Despite the controversy, Minaj and Petty married in 2019 after a year of dating.  Petty is a music executive and producer for Zoo Bang.

Nicki Minaj Has Her First Child

Nicki Minaj's Son And Foxy Brown's Daughter

On September 30, 2020, at age 37 and one year after marrying Kenneth Petty, the couple welcomed their first child together. The baby boy is Minaj’s first son and is affectionately referred to and known to the public by his nickname, “Papa Bear.”

Minaj and Petty have not revealed his name to the public. In fact, when a fan supposedly leaked a baby picture and the name of the baby, Minaj took action, stating the claim was false and demanding the writer remove the misinformation from the internet.

Minaj has been private about her son, whom she shares with her husband, Kenneth Petty. When she does share information, they look very happy. In fact, he may have even uttered his first word, “hi,” on camera.

It’s not lost on her that some women don’t have the opportunity to have their own children. She’s grateful to have been able to give birth to a healthy baby boy. Minaj states she has learned a lot from her son and to have greater patience with people in general. Her son keeps her on her toes and she soaks in every minute of their time together.

“Papa Bear” is the first for Minaj and Petty, her husband of almost three years. Minaj does not have any other children at this time, nor any stepchildren; however, she’s open to having more at some point.

Minaj and Motherhood

Nicki Minaj is a successful black female

Minaj stated several years ago that she hoped her first child would be a boy, in part due to the close bond she has with her brother.

Minaj and Petty appear to be happily married and enjoying their life together with their single young son, and she is thrilled to have him in her life. Minaj says she’s learning a great deal from motherhood and is enjoying every minute of it. She realizes how lucky and blessed both she and her son are. He has changed her perception of life and people and she feels blessed to be his mom.

Papa Bear’s Future

Minaj has stated that she does not want her son to become a rapper, or any kind of musician for that matter, and would rather he avoid the musician lifestyle she has become accustomed to.

Minaj wants a different life for her son. Despite her own difficult start, she was determined to become a mother and made that clear years ago on several occasions. She wants her son to have a better childhood than she had.

Minaj doesn’t take anything for granted with her young son and ensures he stays happy and healthy, so he can enjoy his childhood while it lasts. She enjoys his company and wants him to look to her for support.

Looking Towards the Future: Siblings for Papa Bear?

Nicki Minaj and husband Kenneth Petty do not currently have a daughter, nor is there record of Minaj having a daughter or another child. Born in 2020, “Papa Bear” is Minaj’s only child, and son, on record.

A daughter may be a future possibility, however. Minaj has said she’d like a sibling for her son, so she could possibly be bringing a daughter into the world in the near future if things go as planned.

She’s open to the possibility and would be happy to have a sister for her son. She’s not partial to having a second boy in their home either. Minaj would like to expand and grow their family.

Minaj has alluded to having additional children. In an interview with Cosmopolitan in 2015, Minaj stated she just “wants to be Mommy” and “will have two children, unless my husband wants three.”

Although it’s unclear what her specific timeline is for another pregnancy, it would be welcome news for her and her husband.

Is Nicki Minaj Expecting Another Child?

Is Nicki Minaj Expecting Another Child

It’s unknown at this time whether Nicki Minaj is expecting another child at this time. She has remained private, for the most part, when sharing information about her son. Minaj shares videos and photos of her family sporadically, but she hasn’t announced a new pregnancy just yet.

During a recent performance in July 2022 at the Essence Festival of Culture, fans began speculating that Minaj may be pregnant. She appeared to have a baby bump and lower stage energy than usual. She’s remained mum on the subject, not commenting or releasing any statements thus far.

Minaj could announce she’s pregnant with her second child at any moment. Since she’s said she’d love to become pregnant again, it could happen at any time.



Let’s take a look at some frequently asked questions about Nicki Minaj’s personal life and professional career.

What are some of Nicki Minaj’s singles?

Nicki Minaj is most known for her singles “Super Bass,” “Anaconda,” “Starships,” and most recently, “Do We Have A Problem,” featuring Lil Baby.

Her Early Life

Her Early Life As A Black Woman

Minaj had a tumultuous childhood. Her father uprooted the family from their home in Trinidad and Tobago when she was just five years old. Promising a better life, the family moved to Queens, New York, but with an abusive and drug-addicted father, her home life was anything but calm and peaceful.

Minaj lived and feared her father daily. He would sell their belongings to pay for drugs, and once, he set their occupied house on fire in an attempt to kill Minaj’s mother.

Minaj would use her imagination to escape her life and often prayed for a future fortune so she could escape with her mother, who was under the constant threat of violence at the hands of her father.

These early life experiences with her father led Minaj to devote herself to creating a better life, filled with love and happiness, for her future children.


Nicki Minaj has a younger half-sister on her father’s side, named Ming Maraj, and they reportedly have a great relationship.

Brandon Lamar is Minaj’s half-brother and also a rapper and singer. He maintains a popular YouTube channel and has had a few hits of his own.

Minaj has a younger brother, Micaiah Maraj, who shies away from the media and leads a private life.

Minaj’s older brother Jalani Maraj.

Early Pregnancy

When she was 16 years old, Minaj became pregnant with her first love in high school. It was unplanned at a time when she was not ready or prepared for children.

Minaj opens up about her abortion in interviews, stating it’s something she still thinks about often. She wonders what her child would’ve been like; the experience still haunts her but she wasn’t ready to take on motherhood and feels she made the right decision.

Minaj sings about her early experience in “Autobiography” and “All Things Go.” She sings of the loss and mentions the name of the child’s father, an older boyfriend at the time. Her lyrics ask the unborn child for forgiveness, as she felt she was too young to raise a child responsibly and couldn’t imagine any other option.

Nicki Minaj: Rise to Hip-Hop Queen

Nicki Minaj - Rise to Black Hip-Hop Queen

Black rapper Minaj briefly rapped in the quartet The Hoodstars before releasing her first mixtape in 2007. Her subsequent mixtapes began to garner her attention until rapper Lil Wayne discovered her talent, and Minaj signed with his label, Young Money Entertainment.

Minaj’s released her debut album, Pink Friday, in 2010 and launched to number two, eventually reaching number one on the Billboard Top 200.

Minaj is an animated performer who both sings and raps using alter egos and accents. She is the first female solo artist to simultaneously have seven singles on the Billboard Top 100. She has won several awards, including:

  • American Music Awards
  • BET Awards
  • Billboard Music Awards
  • People’s Choice Awards
  • BET Hip Hop Awards
  • 10 Grammy nominations

Nicki Minaj is currently the most followed rapper on Instagram and one of the best-selling music artists, with more than 100 million albums sold worldwide.

Does Nicki Minaj Have Kids? Final Thoughts

Does Nicki Minaj Have Kids - Final Thoughts

Life in the celebrity spotlight often comes with its share of controversy, and black female superstar Nicki Minaj hasn’t escaped this aspect of fame. Fans often ask, “Does Nicki Minaj have kids?”

The answer: Yes. Nicki Minaj has one son, affectionately known as Papa Bear. Approaching age two, he appears to be happy and healthy while Minaj and her husband, Kenneth Petty, stick together and learn from one another as they go. Minaj keeps much of their private, family life quiet but it does appear she hopes for more children in the future.

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