7 Black Female Writers You Simply Must Read Up On

Katie 7 Black Female Authors You Simply Must Read Up On

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African American romance novels are a hot genre, and no two novels are the same.

You can read about billionaires who get arranged marriages in order to keep their inheritance, or tour guides getting trapped in caves, or fractured families coming together after a bitter divorce, or pastors losing and then regaining their faith. Every story will whip you away in a whirlwind romance.

Even better, most romance novels are written to be a series. Each book is like one episode of a show. These books are easy to digest, so you can read them on your lunch break or on the train or before bed, but they’re so juicy that you’ll be eager for more.

Best Black Female Author: Katie Dowe

Best black female author Katie Dowe

If you’re looking for a little interracial romance, Katie Dowe’s books are the ones for you. She specializes in Black Woman/White Man romance (called BWWM).

She keeps each book fresh by weaving in twisting storylines and exploring different types of characters. For example, Big, Mature and Still Got It discusses body positivity, how older woman can find love, and female independence.

She’s also a queen of pregnancy romance novels. Her Pregnant By Her Older Billionaire series is an interracial story about family, class and age. A BWWM specialist.

Rochelle Williams, A Top African American Romance Writer

Rochelle Williams, a black writer

If you like shows like Grey’s Anatomy or Scandal – dramatic stories that unfold over many, many installments and keep you glued to the story with every word – then you’ll love Rochelle Wiliams. Each of her stories spans many books, so you can spend more time with the characters that you have come to love.

Her Billionaire’s Arranged Baby series currently has four books, so you can stay with this older couple as they conceive and raise their family; you’ll watch the child grow up as if it’s your own. Or leap into Her Billion Dollar Man, which has five books and counting.

Black Christian Author Shannon Gardener

Christian female writer Shannon Gardener

Would you like a romance novel that you can take to church? Do you fantasize about marrying a godly man – even better, what if he were a billion-dollar preacher? The sky is the limit.

Shannon Gardener proves that when it comes to church, you can have a strong relationship with God and the perfect man at the same time; you just have to believe.

The morals of each book are very clear. In Love So Heavenly, the main character Kayla learns that lying won’t get you anywhere.

Shannon also dabbles in interracial Black Woman/White Man romances such as Marrying My Childhood Sweetheart and Love Revival, and some other stories featuring Proverbs 31 women.

The only downside? Most of Shannon’s books are single installments, which means they don’t have sequels – but you’ll fall in love with her characters and will want more!

Update: Love So Heavenly has now been turned into a series! 😀

Contemporary Writer Simone Iwu

Simone Iwu top black female writer

If you’re tired of billionaire playboys who haven’t worked for their money, Simone Iwu focuses her novels on handsome men – and women! – on the forefront of fascinating professions like firefighting and law.

One of her most popular novels is The Laws of Love, which follows an intelligent young woman who works at a law firm. How can she enforce the law if she’s the one breaking all of the rules, by falling in love with her boss?

In Sail Into My Heart, you’ll step aboard a cruise ship full of eligible bachelors. How can a woman possibly choose from all of these wonderful men?

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