15 Black Female Video Game Characters You’ll Love Playing With

Black Female Video Game Characters

Black female video game characters are unique because they are few and far. The video game industry is working to increase black representation in video games.

Despite the limited representation thus far, we have a list of beautiful and powerful black female video game characters; many ready to grace your television screens during intense combat. Fight on, ladies!

1. Aveline de Grandpré

Aveline de Grandpré

Name of Video Game: “Assassin’s Creed III”

Year of Original Release: 2012

Console(s): PlayStation, Wii U, XBOX 360, Microsoft Windows

Aveline de Grandpre is an African French Assassin. She is the daughter of a French merchant, Phillippe de Grandpre, and an African slave named Jeanne.

At the young age of 12, she attempted to save a man from slavery. Assassin Agate saw her valiant act of courage and became Aveline’s mentor so she could be promoted to a true member of the Brotherhood when it was the right time.

Her first act in the Brotherhood was liberating a local slave community under Templar control. She gained a high-value artifact from the First Civilization during this liberation. Later in the game, she faked her induction to the Templar Order.

Madeleine de L’Isle, her stepmother who raised her, oversaw the induction. In the middle of the induction, Aveline assassinated all the Templars to free New Orleans of the group’s influence.

2. Beatrix LeBeau

Beatrix LeBeau is a black girl

Name of Video Game: “Slime Rancher”

Year of Original Release: 2016

Console(s): Windows, macOS, Xbox One, Linux, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4

Beatrix LeBeau specializes in control-based combat in “Slime Rancher”. She is the Ranch’s new owner. The prior owner, Hobson, did not take care of the property, so it was transferred to her ownership.

Her various character stats relate to her fighting abilities. Beatrix’s stamina is on an average level, which can be elevated with a Vacpack. The weaknesses in her battle style are human-related such as limited energy. You can make her energy levels infinite by utilizing Quantum Plorts.

She does not have any special abilities because she is a human. However, she can gain some from a Vacpack. She can manipulate energy, fly, use water to fight, and hack machinery when you equip Beatrix with a Vacpack.

3. Clementine

Clementine is black

Name of Video Game: “The Walking Dead: The Game”

Year of Original Release: 2012

Console(s): PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and others

Clementine is an Asian African American character in “The Walking Dead” video game franchise. Early on, she is the humanitarian liaison amongst the children that travel together for survival.

Affectionately known as Clem amongst her friend group, she feels that staying in a group is not the best thing to do in a post-apocalyptic world. She builds her independent mindset as she transitions through the course of the game from age eight to mid-teenager. She stays more to herself to survive.

4. Lisa Hamilton, A Black Female Video Game Character

Lisa Hamilton

Name of Video Game: “Dead or Alive 4”

Year of Original Release: 2005

Console(s): Xbox 360

Lisa Hamilton is a scientist by day and a luchadora fighter by night in the world of “Dead or Alive 4”. Her fighting name is “La Mariposa” or “The Butterfly” because of her fancy and fluttery fighting costumes adorned with shiny studs and her butterfly-shaped masks.

She appears later in “Dead or Alive 5” and “Dead or Alive 6” with different costumes. In the 5th installment, she looks more realistic than in the 4th installment. She has shorter hair and wears a red and orange-themed wrestling outfit.

By “Dead or Alive 6”, she upgrades to a brown and gold-themed outfit. Lisa wears gold boots, pink and yellow feathers on her back to look like a butterfly, and a green gem on her chest.

5. Marina Ida

Marina Ida

Name of Video Game: “Splatoon 2”

Year of Original Release: 2017

Console(s): Nintendo Switch.

Marina Ida is an 18-year-old Octoling character from “Splatoon 2”. As an Octoling, she is an Octarian Inkling, which looks like a humanoid creature. She loves wearing teal and is more of an independent person that prefers to keep to herself. 

She engages in multiple roles throughout the game. Marina is a co-host for Inkopolis News along with Pearl. She is also a member of the video game’s central band “Off the Hook.” Her third role is as an Octoling warrior with hair that is also octopus tentacles.

After she graduated elementary school at age nine, Marina worked to enhance Octoweapons to battle the oppression taking place in the Octarian society. She first became an “Off the Hook” before becoming a co-host on “Inkopolis News.”

6. Marlene


Name of Video Game: “The Last of Us”

Year of Original Release: 2013

Console(s): PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

Marlene’s other name is Queen Firefly because of her leadership in the Firefly group. It was a totalitarian group in “The Last of Us” video game with the sole purpose of restoring the government to the area. The group succeeded in converting Salt Lake City. However, they did not have the same success in Pittsburgh.

In “The Last of Us: American Dreams”, Marlene was able to save Riley and Ellie from an abandoned shopping mall before the infected could turn them to their side. Because of Marlene’s valorous act, Riley pleaded to join the Fireflies. When Riley would not listen to Marlene’s continuous denial, she pointed a gun toward the girls and redirected them to a military boarding school.

In “Left Behind”, Marlene eventually allowed Riley to join the Fireflies, but she had to kill an infected to pass her initiation. They discovered they needed to find a vaccine to cure the infected.

7. Vanessa Lewis

Vanessa Lewis

Name of Video Game: “Virtua Fighter 4”

Year of Original Release: 1993

Console(s): Arcade, PlayStation 2

Vanessa Lewis primarily fights using Vale Tudo, but she has also practiced Muay Thai. When fighting with her in the game, you can switch between both styles.

She is one of the black female video game characters with a special trait in this game. Vanessa is the first character in the Virtua Fighter universe to have 2 styles as part of her overall fighting style.

The character was orphaned as a young child. Judgment 6 (J6) kidnapped her and utilized Vanessa to fight for their cause. A man from the special forces named Lewis rescued Vanessa and took her under his wing.

While their relationship was brief, they grew very close. J6 exacted their revenge on the special forces gentleman when Vanessa was celebrating turning 20 years old. Eventually, Vanessa becomes another character named Sarah’s bodyguard during her journey to get revenge on those who killed Lewis.

8. Riley Abel

Riley Abel

Name of Video Game: “The Last of Us” and “The Last Of Us: Left Behind”

Year of Original Release: 2013 (“The Last of Us”) and 2014 (“The Last of Us: Left Behind”)

Console(s): PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

Riley Abel is another one of the black female video game characters in our lineup from “The Last of Us” franchise. She desired to rebel against the military and join the Fireflies under Marlene’s guidance.

Her best friend is Ellie, who is another survivor that lived in Boston during the time of the apocalypse. Their first meeting was when Riley defended Ellie against local bullies.

They eventually left the quarantine zone together to seek to revolutionize the world back to normal alongside the Fireflies. Marlene first turned away Riley from joining the group in  “The Last of Us: American Dreams.” Riley was finally introduced in “Left Behind.”

9. Rochelle

Rochelle, a black female character from Left 4 Dead 2

Name of Video Game: “Left 4 Dead 2”

Year of Original Release: 2009

Console(s): Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows.

Rochelle is a 29-year-old Cleveland, Ohio native in the game, “Left 4 Dead 2.” You can play Rochelle in this first-person player video game. She started as an associate producer for a TV news station. What started as doing odd jobs for the other producers such as installing cables and buying coffee for them turned into her first big career endeavor.

Eventually, to find out more information on how The Infection started in Savannah. As she was getting ready to shoot her story, she was plunged into survival mode as infected individuals crowded the area.

10. Sheva Alomar

Sheva Alomar

Name of Video Game: “Resident Evil 5”

Year of Original Release: 2009

Console(s): PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows.

Sheva Alomar was borned in the west side of Africa when an Umbrella virus outbreak took place. While Umbrella had orders to wipe out the entire town to prevent the spreading of the virus, Sheva hid herself and managed to survive.

When she was part of the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance her skills as a marksman and martial artist were put to the test. Due to her excellent performance in the West African branch, she received a promotion to handle all the Guerrillas that take place in her territory.

11. Storm, A Popular African Video Game Woman


Name of Video Game: “Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2”

Year of Original Release: 2009

Console(s): PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Portable, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Nintendo DS, Microsoft Windows.

Besides “Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2”, Storm is present in many other Marvel video games, comics, films, and cartoons.

In this video game, she is trapped on the Anti-Reg side amid the Civil War. Later on, she has a special conversation with the Black Panther, who is her lover in the comic books. You can play with her a small arc of the video game where she, Captain America, and other Marvel characters battle against Nick Fury.

12. Tanya


Name of Video Game: “Mortal Kombat” series

Year of Original Release: 1997 (Tanya debuted in “Mortal Kombat 4”)

Console(s): Arcade

Tanya is a minor antagonist in the early “Mortal Kombat” series when it was first released in Arcades. As a back-stabbing Endenian, she is one of Mileena’s (half-Tarkatan character) allies.

Later, she affiliates with the Brotherhood of Shadow and the Deadly Alliance, further showing her venture into evil. She commits treason against the Endenian people because of her insolence. Tanya is one of the few women that does not wear a mask on her character costume.

13. Twintelle

Twintelle, a black female game character

Name of Video Game: Arms

Year of Original Release: 2017

Console(s): Nintendo Switch

Twintelle is a celebrity and femme fatale that does not fight with her arms as the video game name suggests. Instead, she fights with her long, braided cream-colored hair adorned with pink highlights.

Her aquamarine eyes and brown skin complement one another with her magenta eyelashes and match her hair which has a mind of its own. She is unique because of her normal human arms whereas she utilizes her hair to fight rather than her arms like the other characters.

Twintelle’s special attacks include charged punches during a dash while on the ground or in mid-air. She does better with closer hand-to-hand combat. 

14. Vivienne


Name of Video Game: “Dragon Age: Inquisition”

Year of Original Release: 2014

Console(s): PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

Vivienne is a playable character that you can unlock after you complete The Imperial Enchanter quest. The Orlesian Mage is the adviser and personal enchanter for Empress Celine.

She arms herself with an Enchanter Coat and her weapon of choice is the Disciple Ice Staff. Vivienne is neutral in the mage rebellion because of the violence involved and dislikes the radical change as a result of it. Despite being a mage, she sides with the Circle System and treats the Templar Order with respect.

15. Yelena Fedorova

Yelena Fedorova

Name of Video Game: “Deus Ex: Human Revolution”

Year of Original Release: 2011

Console(s): PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, Wii U, and Mac OS X.

Yelena Fedorova is a tan-skinned Russian in her 20s. She is a member of the Tyrants group which is a paramilitary group that the Illuminati leads. Their job was to assassinate individuals that gained too much success to advance the Illuminati’s precedence in the world.

Because she is taller than the average human woman thanks to her leg augmentations. Hence, her speed is unmatched when in combat.

Top Black Female Video Game Characters, Final Thoughts

We hope you loved our lineup of black female video game characters. Which black female character is your favorite? Which ones have you never heard of until now? As black leads become more mainstream in the video game industry, we should be seeing them represented more often as time goes forward.

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