Yarn Braids – What They Are, How To Do Them, And Picture Examples To Find Your Next Style

Yarn Braids - What They Are, How To Do Them, And Picture Examples To Find Your Next Style

How To Do Yarn Braids

Check out this YouTuber installing awesome lavender color yarn braids.

Step 1 – Cut the yarn to the length you need it.

Step 2 – Make a part for a braid.

Step 3 – Take three strands of yarn and make sure they’re the same length.

Step 4 – Loop the yarn around your hair and twist the ends across each other.

Step 5 – Braid the yarn with your natural hair.

Step 6 – Divide the six strands of yarn into three sets of two strands.

Step 7 – Continue the braid to the end of the yarn.

Some people choose to use a rubber band at the end of their yarn braids, while others choose to melt or burn the ends.

A great thing about the installation of yarn braids, compared to regular braids, is the lack of mess. With regular braids, the braiding hair ends up all over the house, all over your clothes, all over everywhere! This is super annoying, but you won’t have this problem with yarn braids.

Can You Wash Yarn Braids?

Hair Featuring Blue White Yarn BraidsWe love the color mix this Instagrammer has picked.

So can you wash yarn braids? In a word, yes.

But there’s one thing to keep in mind – yarn gets super heavy when it’s wet. This is why most people wash their hair in a sink when they have yarn braids. Luckily you don’t have to wash it very often. Once every two weeks to once a month should be sufficient. Once you’ve washed your yarn braids, squeeze out all the excess moisture so that they’re not too heavy on your scalp. Then use a towel to soak out the remaining water.

A lot of people choose to wash only their scalp. To do this, tie your yarn braids in a few pigtails or large braids, so that you can access your scalp but keep the length of your yarn braids away from the water. All you have to wash is your hair, not the yarn.

Plenty of people with yarn braids also choose to co-wash. Co-wash is washing the hair with conditioner only, not shampoo.

With yarn braids in, you can still oil your scalp. It’s also recommended that you spritz your hair every two to three days with a mixture of water and a light oil such as olive oil.

Yarn Braids Vs Yarn Twists, Which Are Better?

Yarn Twist Gray StyleYarn braids and yarn twists (rocked to perfection by this Instagrammer) are remarkably similar. They last a similar length of time, use around the same amount of hair and look just as awesome.

Also, some people are using yarn to create locs. These are known as genie locs, yarn wraps, yarn locs, yarn dreads or wrapped extensions.

Genie Loc HairstyleThis Instagrammer has chosen a gorgeous color for her genie locs.

Yarn Braids – What They Are, How To Do Them, And Picture Examples To Find Your Next Style

So which of these styles do you like the best – yarn braids, yarn twists, or genie locs? Have you found your next style in this article? Let us know girlfriend. 🙂

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