/ / Women Proposing To Men, How To Do It And Other Questions Answered!

Women Proposing To Men, How To Do It And Other Questions Answered!

Women Proposing To Men, How To Do It And Other Questions Answered!

How Should You React If He Rejects Your Proposal (Ladies Stay Calm)

He rejected my marriage proposal, what should I doMarriage proposals don’t always lead to a yes. So, ladies, you should brace yourself for any possible outcome. Although you might really want him to say yes, keep in mind that he might reject your proposal. If he does, don’t get hysterical. Simply take a deep breath and ask him why he said no. You don’t have to have that conversation immediately. You can wait until you get over the disappointment to talk with him.

Maybe he was just too shocked to say yes or maybe he’s not ready for marriage. Don’t jump to conclusions before you know what his reasons for saying no are. Here’s another possible outcome. You’ve proposed to he him, he says yes and even looks a bit excited. Then, once you get away from the public eye, he says that he doesn’t want to marry you.

The reason he said yes is because he didn’t want to embarrass you. This kind of outcome can be really hurtful. You’ll be mad at him for raising your hopes and then crushing them in an instant. In this case, you should probably stay away from him for some time, whether it’s a few hours or a few days and calm down. Don’t do something that you might regret later.

The Aftermath (What To Expect After Proposing To Your Man)

A groom kissing his brideOnce you propose to your man, he can either say yes or no. If his answer is no, then you’ll have to work on your relationship and determine the direction it should take. Know why he said no and move on. Dwelling on it won’t make things better.
When he says yes, you’ll have to face the world. Once you announce your engagement, people will definitely ask you how he proposed. That’s the obvious question to ask. No one will be expecting that you’re the one who proposed.
When you tell them that you’re the one who proposed to him, there’ll be even more questions like why you did it and how he reacted. You can’t control other people’s reactions but you can be happy that you’re going to get married to the man that you love. And at least you’re sure that he loves you too. So, be ready to face all the weird remarks and criticism from people who simply can’t understand how a woman can propose.

It’s Official! Your Man Said Yes. What Next?

A black lady thinking about her wedding after asking his hand for marriageOnce your man says yes to your marriage proposal, the next step is determining when you’ll get married. This something both of you must agree on. It could be a few weeks or months after the proposal or it might even be a few years later. It all depends on what you agree on. Both of you must be sure that you want to get married. If that’s what will make you happy, then go for it.

A Second Proposal (From The Man This Time)

A black man proposing to his pregnant girlfriendAfter saying yes, most men still consider proposing to the lady. This time round, he does the proposing and might even make it a huge event. If he does this, you shouldn’t feel that he’s totally ignored your proposal. He might do it as a way of gratitude to make you feel the way he felt when you proposed to him.

In most cases, when a woman proposes, the man also proposes to her a few weeks or months later. You get to have to proposals, one from the woman and one from the man. After all, two is better than one. However, you shouldn’t expect your man to propose to you after you propose to him. If he does well and good, if he doesn’t, it’s still okay. After all, what matters is whether you stay together not who proposed to whom.

Why Women Proposing Is Still A Rare Thing

Is it ok for females to propose?A woman proposing is still a rare occurrence. This is mainly because most see a marriage proposal as a symbol of how the entire marriage will roll out. When the man proposes, it is seen to signify that he’ll provide and take care of his family well. This bias is what makes society think that women can’t propose to men. However, if this kind of reasoning is set aside, we’ll be seeing more and more women proposing. However, it might take a couple of centuries for it to become a normal phenomenon.

Women Proposing To Men, How To Do It And Other Questions

The idea of women proposing to men might not be widespread, but it is definitely worth a try. Have you ever proposed or thought of proposing to your man? How did it go? We’re all excited to hear from you. Share your opinion in the comment section below.

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