Why A Healthy Balanced Diet Is Better Than Dieting

Why A Healthy Balanced Diet Is Better Than Dieting

Losing weight is something that most Black women strive to do at one point or the other in their lives. Most of them turn to diets which make a lot of promises. However, do these diets really work?

The answer is no. As a matter of fact, the only solution is eating healthy. Although you are promised miraculous results from dieting, the best thing is to stay away from it. Here are a few reasons as to why a healthy balanced diet is better than dieting.

The Effects Of Healthy Eating Are More Long-Term Than Dieting

Elderly black woman holding a plate of vegetablesThe effects of dieting are usually short-term. Furthermore, on average most diets are only maintained for just over 5 weeks. During this time, there’s a chance you’ll actually lose some weight. However, dieting is simply not sustainable over a long period of time.

This is majorly because it has a lot of unrealistic requirements which are very difficult to achieve. When a person is dieting, it feels like more of a chore instead of a milestone. As soon as the dieting period is over, you resume your bad eating habits with a vengeance.

As a result, the outcome of dieting is usually short-term. However, with a healthy balanced diet, this is not the case. You slowly change your lifestyle and adopt healthier one. You get to pick out what works for you.

This makes it easy for you to make changes that suit your life and that you can abide with for the rest of your life. As a result, you are able to get to your desired weight and maintain it for many years.

The Body Gets A Lot Of Useful Nutrients

Fruits vegetables and smoothiesDieting deprives the body of many important nutrients. Most diets require people to drastically cut down their daily calorie intake. This is both risky and reckless.

It is not a good thing to deprive your body of nutrients that it so much needs. On the other hand, eating a healthy balanced diet has a lot of benefits to the body. You are able to stay strong and nourish your body with the right nutrients.

All organs in the body are able to function to their maximum thus leaving you energetic and lively. While eating a healthy balanced diet, you also get to choose from a wide range of food to find what appeals to your taste. It gives you freedom and good at the same time.

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