What Is A Doula, And How Can They Help Pregnant Mothers With Their Birth?

What Is A Doula, And How Can They Help Pregnant Mothers With Their Birth?

How Much Does A Doula Cost

The cost of hiring a doula

Doula services can cost anywhere from $800 to $2500 depending on the duration of time and extent of services needed. The prices vary in specific areas and some organizations that offer doula services at free and reduced rates for lower-income mothers. Many birthing centers can refer doulas that work within their network or provide payment arrangements to combat the price.

There are also doulas who offer culture-specific services and specialize in services for women of color varying in ethnic backgrounds.

Currently, in the United States, there is push for healthcare services to offer some coverage for doulas, especially in situations of high-risk pregnancies. It is uncommon for doulas to receive coverage in healthcare plans, but there has been some success in mothers filing claims to their individual providers for assistance.

Where Can I Find A Doula In My Area?

A black looking for a doula in her local area

The easiest way to find a doula is to consult organizations in your area for recommendations. For example, in the Washington D.C. area searching “Washington DC Doulas” in Google will uncover a variety of results from hospitals, birthing centers, organizations and individual doulas offering information and services as well as pricing structures.

Some OB-GYNs, especially those that offer integrative medicine, have relationships with or recommendations for doulas they have previously worked with. OB-GYNs can be an excellent source for local recommendations because synergy between a healthcare provider and a doula is essential.

If the two already have a longstanding relationship, mothers will be much less likely to run into complications or negative communication between them.

Black Mother Holding Her Baby Daughter

A great way to get discounts on services is partnering with new or training doulas. Doulas are required to attend residencies before receiving their certifications for work. This means that they are always looking to donate hours to witness pregnancies and deliveries to obtain the required experience.

Check out local schools and see if any students are available. Many talented doulas are searching for mothers to help. For more information, check out Dona.org.

What Is A Doula, And How Can They Help Pregnant Mothers With Their Birth? Conclusion

Doulas can be a massive benefit to expectant mothers of all ages and races. Their services are an added expense, but the advantage they provide make them stress relieving and informative voices to women that would like a more natural, supportive pregnancy with trained help and experience at her side.

Black women have come leaps and bounds in the healthcare that is now available to them, but there is still much work to be done and awareness to spread about how doulas can help the community.

Have you ever had any experience with a Doula? Have any recommendations or tips to give other mothers? Feel free to leave them in the comment section below! Also, check out some of our other articles about motherhood here!

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