What Does Going Dutch Mean On A Date Or In A Relationship, And Should You Do It?

What Does Going Dutch Mean In A Relationship

Should You Go Dutch On A First Date?

The bill after a dinner date ready to be paid

While this is not an easy question to answer, there are a couple of ways you could establish to know whether “Going Dutch” on your date is the right thing for you to do.

First, answer a few questions about who you are dating and what the situation entails. Is this the first date with a new person? Is this someone you have known and spoken to for a decent period? How did you meet? The easiest rule to follow is “inviter pays.”

The person who initiated and invited others to the date is the person that pays for the date. However, this is still an assumption that could end in an offended party if you are not sure of the type of person you are dating.
Young black woman waiting to see if her date is going dutch

To be on the safe side and to keep things fair (and of course if you can), always offer to pay your share. If it’s a first date and you are not sure where the land lies maybe try going for your wallet when the bill comes to the table. In many cases, your date may flat out tell you they are paying for the bill or at least be appreciative of your offer. Doing so will give your date a favorable view of you, showing that you are not greedy, and are happy to pay your way.

When you offer to pay, especially with people you are still getting to know, it can potentially give you a gauge on the type of individual you are dating. Is this person stingy with money, or generous? Offering to pay can help shed light on how a person spends and how willing a person is to spoil you! If you know your date or have already had a bit of contact with them beforehand, you may already know how they feel or will react to paying for your date in total. At that point, you can choose to split the bill or have them pay with a bit more ease.

Its important not to judge too much if a date agrees to split the bill with you. Don’t let this put you off. Instead remember that peoples financial situation may be tight at the time or that this is the way they did things in a previous relationship or even that this is what their social circle does things. He may even think you are an independent woman and want to be treated like one!

What Does Going Dutch Mean In A Relationship, And Should You Do It? Conclusion

How do you feel about Going Dutch? What tips do you have for dealing with the dreaded dinner bill on dates? Have you had any awkward encounters when it was time to pay up? Let us hear it in the comment section below! If you loved this post, check out some of our other dating ideas here!

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