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9 Ways To Make Your Living Room Cozy And Warmer

9 Ways To Make Your Living Room Cozy And Warmer

4. Place Some Candles In The Living Room

Candles in a living roomCandles have a way of making a room feel calm and warm. Placing a few in the living room brings out the magic of the room especially during the night.

For a more cozy and personalized feel, you can add some scented candles. Some scents such as lavender give a relaxing feeling and give the perfect scent to your home.

You will always look forward to getting back to your house every time you go away.

5. Throw In Several Bright Pillows

A living with colorful pillowsBright pillows are a great way of adding a splash of color without interfering with a lot of things. Simply find some brightly colored pillows and place them strategically on your couch or chairs. You do not have to buy new pillows. You can work with your old ones and give them some new bright pillow cases. The best thing about this idea is the fact that you can also wrap some bright colored sheets to make the pillowcases. The best colors for the pillows include red, bright green, orange and yellow.

6. Place Floor And Table Lamps

A living room with lampsThe normal overhead fluorescent lights give a monotonic feel to a room. This kind of lighting is also harsh and uninviting. To get a more subtle feel, you should add floor lamps and table lamps to your living room. These lamps give an inviting warm glow especially in the evening. A combination of both floor and table lamps gives enough light for reading and even having a good conversation. This is definitely a worthwhile addition to your living room space.

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