9 Ways To Make Your Living Room Cozy And Warmer

9 Ways To Make Your Living Room Cozy And Warmer

The living room is usually the first place you settle into when you get inside your house. The vibe that it gives sets the mood for anyone who sits in it, whether it’s you or your guests.

A warm and cozy living room is both relaxing and comfortable to stay in. It is therefore important to make your living room a little bit more welcoming.

With that in mind, let us take a look at 9 ways to make your living room more cozy and warm.

1. Replace The Coffee Table With An Oversized Ottoman

A living room with an oversized ottomanGet rid of your coffee table and replace it with an oversized ottoman. Ottomans are a perfect way to give your living room a warmer, cozy feel. They offer a comfortable place to rest your feet and can also work as a coffee table. Just ensure that you use a tray when placing your drinks and snacks on the ottoman. In addition to that, most ottomans have storage space in them which makes a good place for putting those magazines you always read and still keep your living room organized.

2. Have A Warm Rug In The Living Room

A living room with a warm rugAdding a warm rug to the living room automatically adds some extra warmth and comfort. The rugs also help preserve the heat in a room. The good thing about rugs is that you can try out several designs and colors and can settle for the one that works best for you. A plusher rug is a great way to add texture to your living room while a patterned rug adds an interesting visual effect.

3. Add Some Flowers Or Potted Plants

Flowers in a living roomFlowers and potted plants are a great way to bring the outdoors into your house. Flowers add some color and fresh smell to the living room. As for potted plant, they are a perfect for filling empty spaces and corners. Always remember to water your plants so that they do not die. As for the flowers, add fresh water to their vase daily to make them last longer. You should also put fresh flowers at least weekly.

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