I Want To Move Out Of America, Should I? And Where Should I Go?

I Want To Move Out Of America, Should I? And Where Should I Go?

In the recent years, many Americans have considered permanently moving to another country. The reasons for moving may differ from one person to another, but the common goal is to find a suitable place to live, other than the States.

This isn’t an easy decision to make. So, the question remains; should you move out of America? If none of these cities are suitable for you as a black family, where are the best places to move to? Let’s find out.

Should You Move Out Of America?

A black woman at the airport getting ready to leave AmericaThere are many things that can help you determine whether you should move out of America. For starters, many Americans think that the financial crisis in America is proving to be detrimental to their personal growth. The moral and social decay in the United States is also alarming. It’s no longer the best place to bring up a family. The work environment is proving to be very hostile with many people saying that they’re unhappy with their jobs. If you have these and more grievances about America, then it’s time you moved. It won’t be a smooth ride but once you settle down, it’ll all be worth it! Here are nine cities around the world you should consider moving to.

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok Thailand for those who want to leave AmericaBangkok, the capital city of Thailand, can be described as vibrant, diverse, culturally rich and full of friendly people. The costs of living in this city are low compared to the prices in America. One thing you’d have to get used to in Bangkok is carrying around cash since credit cards are not accepted in most places. There’s food and accommodation to suit every budget and lots of places to visit and hang out during your free time. You’ll also enjoy the shopping experience in Bangkok. This is one city you should seriously consider moving to!

Toronto, Canada – A Familiar Alternative To America

American alternative Toronto Canada, great for African American womenIf you don’t want to wander off far from America, Toronto is a great option for you. For starters, this city is the words most multicultural city with almost half of its population having been born outside Canada. This city has something for everyone. You can never run out of activities to do. There’s even a museum that’s dedicated to shoes! Toronto is also very clean and extremely safe considering its size. However, it can get pretty cold during winter so you should prepare for that. Otherwise, Toronto is a great city to live in.

Valletta, Malta

Valletta Malta could be good for black female AmericansValletta is the capital city of Malta, which is located in the Mediterranean. The city has a rich heritage and interesting architecture. The number of foreigners living in Valletta is rapidly increasing. What you’ll enjoy most is the fact that the pace of life is more relaxed unlike what you’d experience in many cities in the United States. If you have pets, moving with them to Valletta is easy. This city is popular for its high paying jobs so you don’t need to worry about money once you move there. There’re also many attractions and historic sites to visit. It’s a great place to live in.

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