Vegan For Beginners – How To Become Vegan As A Woman, Even When You Love Meat

Vegan For Beginners – How To Become Vegan As A Woman, Even When You Love Meat

Keep Close In Mind ‘Why’ You Want To Become A Vegan

Black Woman Meditating on Why She Became a Vegan

When transitioning, you’ll have rough days. Frankly, you’ll find it easier to eat a boiled (or fried) egg rather than rattle your brain about what vegan breakfast to eat.

If your reason for wanting this lifestyle isn’t kept constantly at the fore, you’ll go back to eating meat in no time. Sure, nothing is wrong with relapsing.

But, if you throw the towels in all together, maybe you didn’t want it badly enough. Veganism takes work.

You have to be serious about it, and you have to want it for you. Be practical about this lifestyle change.

Why not keep a list of reasons why veganism is important to you, and how it can or has benefited your life? When you feel like giving up, pop out your list and remember your ‘why’.

Learn To Plan Your Meals

Plan and Prepare Your Meals in Advance for Success on a Vegan Diet

Meal planning is everything. You cannot afford to eat randomly on a vegan diet. Most things need to be coordinated and organized. Sounds staged, right? Not necessarily.

Eating vegan can consume a great deal of time and energy. You have to prepare for that if you don’t want to spend hours creating or thinking about what meals to create.

If you plan your meals, you’ll get more done. They’ll also be enjoyable as you make the transition. We’ll talk a bit more about meal planning in the subheading to follow.

ut, the objective of meal planning and preparation is to know what items you have on hand and what you can create with them. This includes giving great consideration to what you’ll have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Vegan Meal Planning And The Whole Shebang

African Woman Prepares Her Meals in Advance

Planning out your meals is the key to succeeding as a vegan. You cannot simply get up and eat anything on a plant-based diet. That’s a recipe for disaster in the making.

Eating healthy, tasty plant-based meals will take a bit of forethought. Look at the bright side, you’ll likely become an expert meal planner at the end of it all.

If you fail to plan your meals, you’re setting yourself up to fail at this lifestyle. Planning your meals mean that your entire shopping, cooking, and eating habits will change. Consider these tips if you want to become an expert at this meal planning and preparation thing.

Think About The Plant Based Meals You Want To Eat

Think About All the Plants You Can Eat on a Vegan Diet

You may already have a few fruits and vegetables that you like. Before running off to find new meal options, think about what you can make of the plant-based products you already enjoy.

To do this, ask yourself: What plant-based products do I have in my pantry? What foods do I enjoy that I could eat more of?

Since veganism is a practical lifestyle, it’s wise to keep a journal on hand to take notes. Make a list of all the vegetables, fruits, beans etc. that you currently enjoy and would like to eat more.

Play With Your Food – This Is A Vegan Thing

Experiment with vegan food

It’s no secret, vegans experiment with food. This part of meal planning fosters creativity, even before you start cooking. The aim is to discover how many meals you can create using known plant-based products. Do you enjoy eating cauliflower?

Could you come up with various ways to prepare cauliflower to make it exciting? You could add to your journal a dish with vegan cauliflower rice, cauliflower salad, cauliflower soup, roasted cauliflower, and even cauliflower wings!

By now you get the gist. At this stage of planning your meals, your objective is to get your creativity going. These meals don’t have to be elaborate; simple and affordable is good.

Another option is to think about the appeal your meals will have. Since we eat with our eyes, it’s important to create foods that are attractive to look at. Make your meals colorful.

This is especially advised if you have meat eaters at home who you’d like to encourage to pick up veganism. When they see how colorful and delicious your meals look, they’ll be tempted to try the diet. To create colorful, appealing meals, use the ‘rainbow’ method. We’ll talk a bit about that soon.

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