Transitioning Hair Styles, Products And Tips To Make That Switch Easier

Transitioning Hair Styles, Products And Tips To Make That Switch Easier

It’ll Take A Lot Of Time To Maintain Your Hair

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It'll take time to style your hairYou’ve probably been used taking a few minutes to style your hair when you had it relaxed.

As you transition to natural hair, this won’t be the case. You’ll need to allocate a good amount of time to take care of your hair.

As the percentage of natural hair increases, you’ll find that it takes longer to wash, detangle and even style your hair. It’s advisable to set aside a good amount of time to make your hair look good. Otherwise, you might start getting frustrated.

Experiment To Find Your Go To Style

Styling your hair while transitioningWith transitioning hair, you need find a hairstyle that blends both hair textures and still looks good. This might take some time as you try out different styles to find the one that suits you. Keep in mind that a style that looks good on someone else might not look good on you. You need to try out different styles to find the one that you’re comfortable with. Having a go-to style will make your transitioning so much easier.

Seek Professional Hair Advice

Seek professional hair adviceProfessional advice is very much needed while transitioning. There are a lot of new challenges you’ll face and having an experienced person walk you through it will make the process easier. You can consult your hair stylist or better yet, seek another stylist who specializes in natural African hair. You can also use YouTube to guide you through the process. All you need to do is identify vloggers who have the same hair type as you and you’re good to go.

Final Tips On Transitioning From Relaxed To Natural Hair Without Big Chop (Cutting)

Final tips on transitioningPatience is key when transitioning without the big chop. You’ll need to gradually trim the relaxed ends as your natural hair continues to grow. Trim once a month for optimum results. Also, make sure that your hair is always well moisturized. This can be achieved by using moisturizing conditioners and sealing it with an oil of choice. Take each day as a learning process and you’ll find the transition much more exciting.

Transitioning Hair Styles, Products And Tips To Make That Switch Easier

Switching to natural hair is a personal decision that you should be proud of. Don’t let others intimidate you because of choosing to rock your natural curls. Whichever texture your hair turns out to be, embrace it. All hair types are beautiful. The points outlined above will make your transition much smoother.
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