6 Top Trinidad And Tobago Main Dishes You Simply Must Try

6 Top Trinidad And Tobago Main Dishes You Simply Must Try

The dishes from Trinidad and Tobago are even better than their amazing beaches! If you have never tasted the food from these islands, then you are definitely missing out.

Here are 6 top Trinidad and Tobago dishes you simply must try. Feel free to share with a friend who’s a good cook *hint hint*. 😉

1. Trinidadian Chicken Curry

Trinidad chicken curryThe chicken curry in Trinidad and Tobago has a rich taste that is specific to that part of the world. The recipes might differ from one cook to another but the end result is almost similar. The preparation process for the curry involves washing the chicken meat seasoning the meat in a rich combination of spices and finally cooking the curry and the meat together. The end result is simply finger-licking good. Chicken curry is usually a main dish that is eaten together with roti or rice.

2. Roti With Meat Or Vegetable Stew As A Main Dish

Roti from Trinidad And TobagoA meal of roti and stew is simply delicious. Roti is flat-bread that is usually served with vegetables or meat dishes especially during special occasions such as weddings, and religious gatherings. Given this meal’s status in the Trinidad and Tobago society, it is definitely one meal that you should try. The most famous roti in Trinidad and Tobago is the paratha. It has a torn up texture and its appearance resembles a torn t-shirt. The roti has an almost plain taste but it tastes fantastic when eaten with a worthy stew.

3. Trinidad And Tobago Fry Bake And Salt-Fish

Fry bake and saltfish is a main dish in Trinidad & TobagoFry Bake and Saltfish is a definite must try meal from Trinidad and Tobago. The fry bake is usually made from several ingredients including wheat flour with wheat flour being the main ingredient. The dough is then made into different shapes and then deep-fried. Salt-fish is abundant in Trinidad and Tobago and is also a favorite among locals. The salt-fish is curried with string beans, potatoes, bodi and other ingredients. The combination of fry bake and salt-fish tastes absolutely amazing.

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  1. Trini food is the best.

    Curry chicken, goat, beef, fish, with slight pepper is a must.

    Also Doubles with channa, chutney etc.

    Pelau: chicken, beef. Vegetarian.

    Bake: fry bake, roast bake, coconut bake with saltfish, smoke herring, cheese, vegetables, fry fish.

    Oildown: breadfruit with pigtail, dasheen bush coconut milk etc.

    Dumplings: flour, cornmeal, cassava.

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