/ / Top 10 Black Female Fashion Bloggers With Great High Street Looks

Top 10 Black Female Fashion Bloggers With Great High Street Looks

Top 10 Black Female Fashion Bloggers With Great High Street Looks

3. Claire from Fashion Bomb Daily, With A Great Curvy High Street Look

Fashion stylist fashion bombFashion Bomb Daily has over 2.4 million visitors a month, so you know Claire – who has been featured in multiple fashion publications like Glamour and New York Magazine – is doing something right.

The site was created specifically to showcase fashion by and for women of color, and gets updated regularly with event coverage, style finds and everything in between.

There’s hours of good stuff on offer, and you wouldn’t expect anything less from an award-winning blog that has a close relationship with plenty of influential style icons and celebrities, so make sure you have a good look around when you follow this link to the Fashion Bomb website.

2. Folake from Style Pantry

Female black fashion blogger style pantryAs a working mom of three you’d think Folake would never be able to find the time to update a blog, but not only does she post her own styles, she’s also in charge of collating posts about other people’s styles, grabbing interviews with key players in the fashion industry and discovering new pieces to feature in the ‘style finds’ section of Style Pantry. These posts in particular should be trawled through – Folake is a genius when it comes to unusual and creative accessories to enhance your wardrobe – and she’s even featured Michelle Obama. Her website is here, so make sure you take a look!

1. Karen from Where Did U Get That

High street fashion website owner KarenKaren is a London transplant living in New York, mixing High Street style with more boutique pieces. In one of the top cities in the world for fashion, Karen has for years been dedicated to seeking out the best places to mix and match her style and pieces from back home in England with her new American threads to prompt the question: where did you get that? You can check out Karen’s frequently-updated blog here for all the style inspiration you could ever need, and you can check out the pics Karen also takes of other people’s outfits as inspiration for herself in her “street style” tab!

Top 10 Black Female High Street Fashion Bloggers

Hopefully these ten black female fashion bloggers will give you plenty of new ideas for your wardrobe no matter the occasion. Make sure to let us know in the comments if we’ve forgotten anyone important!

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