/ / Top 10 Black Female Fashion Bloggers With Great High Street Looks

Top 10 Black Female Fashion Bloggers With Great High Street Looks

Top 10 Black Female Fashion Bloggers With Great High Street Looks

6. African American Woman Blogger Stella Of J’adore Fashion

Jadore fashion, a black woman fashion expertNigerian-born Stella has always loved fashion, and since getting her Nursing degree in 2008 has kept her blog as a way to share her love of fashion, especially as it relates to her background and heritage.

While most of Stella’s posts are outfit-based, she also uses her blog to post about travel, current obsessions and her lifestyle, so she’s fun to follow for all sorts of stuff!

You can check out her website here for hours of posts to look through and get inspired by.

5. Tiffany From The Werk Place

Werk place can help style youThe Werk Place was put together by founder Tiffany in 2012 because she wanted a site where women could find work-appropriate fashion inspiration. A self-proclaimed – but absolutely correct – “mix master”, Tiffany is great a combining different patterns, colors and textures to build a look that really stands out. While fashion isn’t her day job (she’s an engineer, talk about smart!), Tiffany has made a name for herself with The Werk Place and sharing her love of fashion with people from all over the world, so be sure to check out the blog right here.

4. Fashion Blogger Natasha From Bisous Natasha

black woman fashion blogger bisous natashaMultilingual blogger, model and photographer Natasha works in the British fashion industry and maintains a beautiful blog all about her search for the perfect personal style. Natasha has been featured online and in print magazines like Vogue, Hunger and Vanity Fair, so you know she’s got the tips you need. Not only that, but Natasha’s blog isn’t just for fashion – she also covers food and travel and interviews people she finds interesting. You can get lost in her blog for hours, there’s so much good stuff in there. You can check out her website right here, and if that’s not enough, follow the links to her Facebook and Instagram accounts as well!

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