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The 10 Best Places For Expats To Live Abroad

The 10 Best Places For Expats To Live

8. Malaysia Is Another Top Livable Place For Female Expats

Moving To Malaysia As An ExpatA diverse society on the side of the world opposite Brazil, Malaysia is next on our list of best places for expats. With housing and food costs significantly cheaper than many other places in the world, Malaysia could be the perfect spot to settle.

Malaysia is also perfect for those wanting to live in a country that allows easy travel to other countries. To the north, you could travel to Thailand, Cambodia and other countries, to the south, you could travel to Indonesia.

A Southeast Asian melting pot, Malaysia is definitely a country that you should check out.

9. Paris

The 10 Best Places For Expats To LiveThat’s right, the city of love made our list. Aside from being almost everyone’s dream destination, Paris is also a haven for expats from all around.  We know the Parisian food is reason enough to move, but the remnants of Black history will make you truly feel at home. As with anywhere, Paris is no walk in the park but it is common to see other expats of color there. Consider Paris for the quality of life, the culture, and the overall atmosphere. It is important to learn at least basic French though, or else it will be a much more difficult transition than it has to be.

10. Lastly, New Zealand In A Great Option

New Zealand Skyline, An Option For A Black ExpatriateExpats in New Zealand rave about how friendly everyone is and there’s a reason for that. New Zealand has some of the nicest people in the world and operates on a natural sense of community; people are genuinely interested in helping each other. Additionally, New Zealand offers much cheaper housing and more affordable healthcare than, say, America. Although the flight to New Zealand may be expensive, once you’re there you won’t regret it.

The 10 Best Places For Black Female Expats To Live

If on the other hand you’re looking to live in America, here are some of the best cities for African American families. No particular place in the world is without its faults, but these are some of the best places we’ve found for expats to relocate to. Have you left your native country and moved to any of the places we’ve mentioned? Please share your experiences and comments with us below.

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  1. My husband and I lived in Geneva, Switzerland for 3 years and I must say it was the best 3 years of our lives! The overall quality of life, the proximity to other countries, the public transportation…. all contributed to the memorable experience of living there. We would move back in a heartbeat were we able to afford it. It’s quite expensive, but well worth every franc.

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