The 5 Best Dressed African And Caribbean American Women According To… Me!

The 5 Best Dressed African And Caribbean American Women According To… Me!

One of the things I look out for when watching television is the clothes the women wear. It is almost like an addiction. Identifying the different outfits and style brought out by those women on telly is something I enjoy immensely. Based on what I have seen over time, here are 5 of the best dressed African and Caribbean American women according to me. Enjoy.

Kerry Washington Dresses Simple Yet Elegant

Kerry WashingtonKerry Washington caught my attention as a result of her character in Scandal as Olivia Pope. I love everything Olivia Pope puts on. Her official dress code is simple but elegant. Those coats of hers are to die for! She manages to pull off a commanding, serious look just from the outfits alone. Her style is one to be emulated.

Kerry WashingtonApart from her screen character as Olivia Pope, Kerry has her own unique style. She goes for a bold, elegant, ladylike look that looks especially good on her. Another admirable thing about her style is the fact that she does not shy away from bright colors, avant-garde silhouettes and graphic prints. It is always exciting to see a new look from her.

Alicia Keys, From Tomboy To Glam

Alicia KeysI have always been fascinated by Alicia Keys’ sense of style even back when she would choose a more tom boy look. The reason for the tom boy look was to ward off uncouth glares from men as she walked in the streets of NewYork. In my opinion, she still looked fantastic despite the attempts to hide her feminine flare.

Alicia KeysHowever, the days of the tom boy look came to an end bringing rise to a beautiful butterfly. Alicia Keys incorporates more color in her wardrobe and is not afraid to show off her curves. Her choice of dressing gives a subtle feminine feel that is simply irresistible. I also admire the fact that she does not do something crazy that is out of the blue.

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