6 Tanzanian Food Dishes Which’ll Satisfy Your Taste Buds – Recipes Included

Tanzanian Food Dishes Which'll Satisfy Your Taste Buds - Recipes Included

Chapati (Tanzania Flat Bread)

Chapati (Tanzanian flat bread)Chapati is a very popular dish in Tanzania. It is similar to the Indian roti except for the fact that it is fried in a little bit of oil.

Chapati can be eaten alone or accompanied by vegetable or meat stew. It also makes a good breakfast when eaten with tea or milk. You can think of chapati as a flat version of bread which means you can even use it to make a sandwich!

Although preparing chapati involves a lot of systematic steps, the results are definitely rewarding. The best types are the layered ones which people enjoy tearing apart while eating. Try making your own chapati and see how it turns out.

Tanzanian Side Dish: Wali Wa Nazi (Coconut Rice)

Wali wa nazi (Coconut rice)Coconuts are common in Tanzania which is why they incorporate it in most of their dishes. Instead of preparing plain white rice, Tanzanians add a little twist to it by adding coconut milk. They grate the coconuts, add some water and then sieve the mixture. The remaining water is what’s used to cook the rice. This meal is a favorite of most Tanzanians and is a staple food in most households. It is easy to prepare even for beginner cooks, and uses very few ingredients making it cheap and convenient for most people. Here is a coconut rice recipe you can try.

Tanzanian Food Nyama Choma (Tanzanian Grilled Meat)

Nyama choma (Grilled meat)Nyama Choma is an all-time favorite, not only in Tanzania but in most countries in Africa. It simply means grilled meat or roasted meat. However, nyama choma is normally roasted or grilled in using charcoal or an open wood fire to give it that smoky juicy taste. The meat is taken with a starch of choice and a mixture of onions, tomatos and coriander known as kachumbari. The meal is always present during important events and celebrations. This recipe shows you how to prepare tasty nyama choma as well as accompanying kachumbari.

Tanzanian Food Dishes Which’ll Satisfy Your Taste Buds – Recipes Included

The dishes mentioned here are some of the most delicious meals from Tanzania? Have you ever tried any of these dishes? Which is your favorite? Share your experience with us in the comment section. Cheers!

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