6 Tanzanian Food Dishes Which’ll Satisfy Your Taste Buds – Recipes Included

Tanzanian Food Dishes Which'll Satisfy Your Taste Buds - Recipes Included

Looking for some ideas of Tanzanian food dishes? Well you’ll find them below my friend!

Tanzania is located in the Eastern side of Africa. Its cuisine is borrowed from many cultures across Africa and other parts of the world. Their food also features a lot of spices influenced by Portuguese and Indian cuisine, making it a unique yet somewhat familiar experience.

Their dishes are centered heavily on starches, spices, vegetables and coconuts; very flavorful and appealing to the eye. Below are some of the dishes from Tanzania that you’ll likely enjoy.

Mchicha (Tanzanian Spinach And Peanut Butter Curry)

Mchicha(Spinach soup)If you’re a vegetarian, then you’ll definitely be impressed by this meal. Mchicha is a tasty vegetarian dish that’s popular in Tanzania. They cook it mainly using traditional leafy vegetables like amaranth. However, mchicha can also be prepared using spinach. To make it tastier, Tanzanian locals add peanut butter and coconut to the greens. The meal is smooth and creamy which makes it perfect even for babies. You can make your own mchicha by simply following this recipe. Enjoy!

Supu Ya Ndizi (Plantain Soup)

Supu ya ndizi(Plantain Soup)Plantains are grown widely in Tanzania. This makes them a major delicacy in the country. There are many ways to cook them but the most satisfying meal is the plantain soup. All soup lovers out there should definitely try this one. It is smooth, tasty and very filling. The fact that it is cooked using chicken broth adds a meaty flavor to the soup. Eat it with your favorite bread, roti, rice or chapatti. Here is an awesome plantain soup recipe.

Tanzanian Biriyani

BiriyaniTanzania style Biriyani is very tasty. This rice dish is one you should definitely try. The dish includes rice, meat and sauce. All these components of the dish are cooked separately and the mixed together after they’re done. This meal is not to be confused with pilau. Pilau is a one pot dish which includes rice, vegetables or meat and lots of spices. It is also popular in Tanzania but Biriyani is tastier. Biriyani can be made using various types of meat including mutton, chicken, beef or pork. Here is a fantastic chicken biriyani recipe. You won’t regret it.:-)

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