Finally! 17 Personal Questions About Nicki Minaj Answered

Finally! 17 Personal Questions About Nicki Minaj Answered

9. Does Nicki Minaj Have A Sister?

Nicki Minaj has a sister named Ming Maraj
Yes! And brothers too, actually. Nicki Minaj has three brothers, (half-brother) Brandon Lamar and Jelani Maraj, and Micaiah Maraj.

Minaj also has one sister named Ming Maraj, who’s existence she hadn’t even known about until Father’s Day a few years ago.

Minaj shocked fans after she posted a photo of her little sister with the caption “#littlesistersrock.” Not much else was said about Minaj’s newly discovered half-sister, but it was clear that she was just as shocked about the news as her fans were.

10. Are Nicki Minaj Boobs Real? What About Her Bum Or Other Parts Of Her Body?

Has Nicki Minaj had plastic surgery?
Nicki Minaj has made it very clear that she has never had any plastic surgery on her face but she has yet to address rumors about the rest of her body. A look at Minaj’s body transition over time, however, shows that some significant changes were made in her figure. She states that the changes in her face are simply due to makeup contouring but doesn’t want to focus too much energy on discussing her bottom or breasts.

11. Nicki Minaj Before Plastic Surgery And After

Images of Nicki Minaj before surgery
Nicki Minaj after surgery with pictures
As mentioned before, there are some significant changes in Nicki Minaj’s body before and during her career. The most evident changes can be seen in her nose, her boobs and her bottom. This doesn’t change her talent as an artist and entertainer though! What do you think?

12. What Are Nicki Minaj’s Best Songs?

Remember when Nicki released her hit song “Superbass” and everyone loved it? That fun song ended up becoming her top hit by Billboard chart standards. Her other best songs include “Anaconda” in which she was featured in a video getting “comfy” with rapper Drake (again). Minaj also teamed up with rappers Drake and Lil Wayne and singer Chris Brown to produce top hit “Only.” Another top grossing song featuring Drake and Lil Wayne was the infamous “Truffle Butter” song. These are just some of Nicki Minaj’s best songs but she has a wide range of good songs across several different genres. Check out a couple of them below.

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