Lemonade Rage, The New Free Beyoncé Based Computer Game Online – How To Play And Get Good

What is Lemonade Rage and where can I play it?

Talented fans of Beyoncé have just made a new computer game based on her called Lemonade Rage. But what is this game and why was it made? Furthermore, how do you get good at this game? We look at that and more in this new article.

Where Can You Play The Lemonade Rage Game Online?

You can play this game for free on the dedicated website Lemonade-Rage.com. There is currently no iPhone or Android version, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you see this in future.

What Is Beyoncé’s New Game Lemonade Rage?

Lemonade Rage is a game which is inspired by Beyoncé’s Hold Up video:

In this computer game Ms Knowles rocks the same yellow dress and baseball bat she does in the video. She also has the same hairstyle, and the game is all about smashing cars and fire hydrants to earn points. Again, just like in her video – minus the points thing. My guess is this is the closest we’ll get to living the previous Destiny’s Child member’s life any time soon. 🙂

Lemonade Rage uses ‘8-bit’ graphics; a style of computer game which was around many years ago before 3d graphics became the normal. 8-bit has since become popular again due to it’s classic and retro feel. I personally love this style!

How To Get Good At Lemonade By Beyoncé

Now if you tried the game, you’ll realize it’s not the most easy to be good at. I’m not half bad computer games, but on my first try I got an embarrassingly low score.

But after practicing I realized, if you want to get good at Lemonade Rage you need to make sure you do a few things. First of all, you want to smash as many objects as possible. These objects include cars (+3 points and the easiest to hit) and water hydrants (+5 points and the hardest to hit), just like in her Lemonade video. Another is Good Hair ads, which gives a whooping +6 points and is reasonably easy to hit.

To maximize points, hair for the Good Hair ads first, cars second, and hydrants only when one of the other two aren’t available. Fire Hydrants are not too hard to hit near the beginning of the game, but the further you get the faster the game gets. And as it gets faster, these are quite hard to hit.

Secondly you want to avoid all her haters, Illuminati theorists and random piles of poo (no I’m not making this up). These can’t be smashed, so you want to make sure you’re in a different lane to them as soon as possible. Don’t narrowly miss them as it’s quite hard to get the timing correct. Instead pre-plan wherever you can and give your self enough time to avoid them.

In order to get lemons to make your Lemonade, be sure to smash the objects within good time. If you smash them when you’re directly on top of them, unless it’s a car, often you will miss. This is especially true with the water hydrants.

Remember you have free lanes to make use of. Be sure to note early which lane you want to be in for the most smashes, but more importantly which lane you need to be in to avoid obstacles like poo and your haters.

Pro Tips and Tricks: Sometimes it’s possible to hit more than one object at a time. Simply hit an object in your lane, then quickly move up or down when there’s another object directly above or below it. The one hit can hit both objects.

What Kind Of Music Is Included In Beyoncé’s Computer Game?

So, as it’s a Beyoncé game you may be expecting mind blowing music right? Well, in a way. The soundtrack to the game is Beyoncé’s Hold Up song which isn’t surprising. That said, it is an eight bit version which is used in classic 8-bit games. Easily recognizable but given that computer game feel. Love it.

Is Lemonade Rage Endorsed By Beyoncé? Is It An Official Computer Game Made By Someone In Her Team?

No it is not officially endorsed by Beyoncé or made by anyone in her team. It was made by fans of the song in celebration of Bey winning ‘Best Urban Contemporary Album’ and ‘Best Music Video’ in the 2017 Grammys (February 2017), as well as being nominated for many others like Album Of The Year with Lemonade, Best Music Film, Song Of The Year (Formation), Best Rap/Sung Performance (Freedom), Best Rock Performance with Don’t Hurt Yourself, Record Of The Year (Formation) and Best Pop Solo Performance for Hold Up.

Here’s a video of Beyoncé’s Grammy 2017 performances while pregnant:

You can see a full list of winners here.

As it’s not an official game, there’s always the risk that Bey’s legal team will contact the game makers and have it taken down. Here’s hoping they don’t do that though; it’s a fun game, and is good promotion for the queen of urban pop.

Who Made The 8 Bit Music Based Computer Game?

According to the website, Lemonade Rage is made by Joe Laquinte, Line Johnsen, Justin Au and Colby Spear. To get in contact with the team that made it you can contact them on twitter.

What Do You Think Of Beyoncé Lemonade Rage?

Have you played this game yet? If so, what do you think of it? Let us know in the comments below. #lemonaderage to keep up with the latest.

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