Have Kids, Still Travel: Affordable Vacations The Entire Family Will Enjoy

Have kids and still travel


Airfordable Airplane Wing

Flight costs are no longer a barrier to family travel when you use an Airfordable convenient payment plan to purchase tickets. Airfordable is a surefire way to secure those lower fares only available when you purchase tickets well in advance.

Spirit Airlines
How to travel safely with kids

Home of the $9 Fare Club, check this site daily for jaw-dropping deals you can’t ignore. Most $9 deals apply to domestic travel, but they also offer fantastic fare options for most of the Caribbean and parts of Central America.

Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines Aircrafts can help plan your holiday with children

Join their Discount Den and you’ll gain access to fares that are lower than their already great $29 deals. Browsing their site on a regular basis will ensure you don’t miss one of their best offers.

Curated Travel: Boutique Services For a Completely Unique Travel Experience

Custom Made holiday provider

By all means, it is possible to design a trip to remember on your own. However, even an experienced traveler has been known to enlist the help of a professional. Sometimes, it may be beneficial to allow the pros to sweat the details.

Curated travel is the say-yes-to-the-dress of vacation planning. This specialty service custom designs experiences that are unique to each and every traveler- regardless of age. Experts carefully select accommodations and activities based on the family profile and specific requests you provide.

Whether it’s a weekend adventure or week-long excursion, your itinerary will be person-centered and budget specific – one of a kind. Everything from dining and shopping to volcano and ancient tomb exploration can be planned around small, but important details like your children’s nap time.

Companies like The Curated Travel develop thoughtful bespoke travel plans that begin with a questionnaire about your travel style. Founder, Nicole Lee, says, “my goal in starting The Curated Travel is to be a resource and provide real information from my experiences to help you get the most out of your travel.” With The Curated Travel, you’re only a few steps away from a dream getaway.

In addition to their advice and resources, Travel Noire also provides custom-made travel plans. Their packages even include a professional photographer to capture the magic you’ll discover exploring worlds you’ve never seen before. Make your family’s world much bigger by allowing Travel Noire to sift through and organize all of the information needed to map-out an unforgettable journey.

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Black children traveling on holidayOutsourcing logistics ensures you and your family worry about very little as you trek the world. Well, nothing except when to start planning the next adventure and who you’ll invite to come along. Today, African Americans are one of the fastest growing travel markets and affordability is a central priority. Our growing familiarity with online resources and mobile apps that provide access to inexpensive travel options will likely ensure its growth.

Will you be joining the movement as well? Have you already? Tell us all about. And don’t forget to share your favorite travel tips.

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