Have Kids, Still Travel: Affordable Vacations The Entire Family Will Enjoy

Have kids and still travel

What becomes of wanderlust once baby makes two, three, four or more? Are those strong desires to boldly traipse the world packed away – sealed in a box labeled ‘before the kids’ along with your weekly nail salon appointments and stiletto heels? Despite the popular expectation that a passion for travel should be extinguished or at least repressed once you become a parent, legions of families remain committed to regular departures from everyday life. And their journeys are creating extraordinary learning experiences – unleashing new levels of creativity and fostering personal growth.

Nicole Grimes, a self-professed travel maniac and founder of the popular travel blog Geek Trek says, “when I am away, I am eager to consume everything around me. I refuse to spend one waking moment seated in a hotel room or lobby, passing [the] valuable time.”

For children, this kind of cultural exposure may be even more valuable. Travel provides a hands-on education that satisfies their natural propensity for curiosity and helps them make sense of the world’s magnitude. In his book Adventuring With Children, Nan Jeffrey talks about how traveling helps them feel grounded, and have a sense of what’s important.

According to research, the benefits don’t stop there. A Project Time Off study, Family Vacation Memories Last a Lifetime suggested holidaus as important for strangthening relationships. It’s also good for your health. Apparently, wanderlust is a wellspring worth replenishing.

Will there be challenges? Yes, but experts say the benefits of family travel far exceed them.

Worth the Challenge

Being positive when traveling with young children

In Expedia’s recent study, “Are We There Yet?: The Trials and Triumphs of Family Travel Today”, research contends that an aversion to family vacations is attributed to the negative state of mind adults bring to the planning phase. According to the author, “a lot of problems people associate with travelling with children is really more about the adults’ anxiety. The kids aren’t bothered by running around and screaming in a long security line at the airport. It’s the adult that feels uncomfortable.”

Moving past travel-related fears and anxieties makes enjoyable globetrotting more likely for everyone – even when there are difficulties. Expedia’s study also agrees that letting go of negative preconceptions makes room for positive experiences. The study’s statistics showed that 70% of parents agree that their favourite childhood memories involve a family vacation. In addition, 76% of them consider travel with the family more play than work.

Ultimately, vacations are about pleasure and pleasure is personal. Focusing on the enrichment possibilities will make preparation an exciting part of your trip as well – a family vacation, re-imagined.

The Master Plan: Budget Savvy DIY

An African American family traveling the world

You’re all set. Visions of your family relaxing on a secluded beach, munching on exotic street food, and motorbiking alongside gorgeous cityscapes won’t leave you alone. It’s time to plan your vacation masterpiece! Thanks to exciting online communities of color dedicated to making travel easy and accessible, you can do so with confidence.

Here are a few of the most popular budget-friendly online resources:

Travel Noire

Travel Noire Advenurer

Zim Ugochukwu founded this digital publishing platform to support and highlight the unconventional traveler. With the assistance of over 100 contributors, she generates tools and resources no excursionist should go without. Trust Travel Noire to help you discover your inner explorer.

Nomadness Travel Tribe

Evie Roberts Nomadness Tribe for black women

Evita ‘Evie’ Robinson created this online community of urban jet-setters as a spin-off of her travel series Nomadness TV. Over 15,000 members strong, The Tribe is a close-knit, almost familial group committed to a positive representation of African Americans in the travel industry. The fact that their members are 80% female and 85% African-American shatters the myth that people of color do not travel.

Black Travel Hackers
Black Travel Hackers

This collective of travel influencers demonstrates how to access free flights, hotels, tours, and other travel essentials by taking advantage of fare glitches and collecting frequent flier points. You can count on Black Travel Hackers for very specific and user-friendly information guaranteed to get you on the road or up in the air in no time.

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