I’m A Black Woman Who Can’t Cook. How Can I Start?

I'm A Black Woman Who Can't Cook. How Can I Start?

Use Fresh Ingredients

A black woman cutting a tomatoAs a beginner, make sure that you use fresh ingredients when learning how to cook. They have fresh tastes and are easier to work with.

They’re also easy to measure and the taste is more predictable. With the powdered, canned or frozen versions, the outcome can be a bit unexpected.

The best option is to stick with the fresh ingredients, such as these African super foods. You’ll not regret it!

Measure Out Everything Before Cooking

Various ingredients measured outIt’s important to measure all the ingredients mentioned in the recipe before you begin cooking. Ensure that you have everything ready beforehand. This will make it a lot easier to follow all the instructions in the recipe while cooking. It also avoids confusion thus making you use exact portions without using too much or too little.

Learn Something New Each Time You Cook

A black woman cookingMake an effort of learning something new each time you cook. For example, you can note the time it took for you to make a perfect hard-boiled egg. You can even note down what you have learned each time. After several goes at cooking, you’ll have learned a lot. Remember, it is those simple things that matter and they’re what will make you an exceptional cook.

Keep Your Cooking Area Clean

A black woman cleaning the kitchenA dirty kitchen is a major discouragement when cooking. Always make sure that your kitchen is clean and everything you will need is clean. You can also do the dishes as you cook. Wash a pan, pot or kitchen tool as soon as you’re done using it. This will prevent buildup of dirty dishes. You should also make a habit of wiping kitchen surfaces as soon as you’re done using them. As a result, your kitchen will be conducive enough for you to cook your heart out. Here are some tips on how to keep your kitchen clean while cooking.

I’m A Black Woman Who Can’t Cook. How Can I Start?

By following these tips, you can move from zero to master chef! Let us know whether you have found this tips useful. All the best in your cooking adventure!

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