I’m A Black Woman Who Can’t Cook. How Can I Start?

I'm A Black Woman Who Can't Cook. How Can I Start?

Do all black women know how to cook? While the common assumption may be yes, in reality that’s simply not the case. And that’s fine. If you don’t already know how to cook as an adult, it’s often easy to just accept this and not try. Even if you know deep down it’d be a good skill to learn.

But what if you’re actually ready to learn how to cook but don’t know how to get started? Well with the help of this guide, you’ll be able to get going. And guess what, cooking isn’t as hard as you think. 🙂 Keep reading to find out how you can begin your journey of learning how to cook your own meals. Share with others if helpful.

Set Aside Time To Learn Cooking

Wall clockCooking can feel overwhelming especially when you don’t plan for it. As a beginner, ensure that you set aside adequate time for your cooking. Make a note of this time on your planner and even set a reminder. Clear your schedule and dedicate this particular block of time to cooking only. This way, you’ll be ready to fully concentrate on cooking when it’s time to do so.

Reduce The Number Of Pots, Pans And Tools

Two cooking pots and one panIt’s surprising to see the number pots, pans and tools most people have in their kitchens. All these things will just leave you feeling confused. You should store all the tools, pots and pans in the pantry or basement to make your kitchen more organized and only use the essential kitchen gadgets. Remove the the things you need for cooking when you need them. Return the items that you find using frequently back to the kitchen. This will save you a huge headache.

Get A Good Cookbook And Learn How To Cook From Others

Use a African or Caribbean cookbookA cookbook is a must-have for many people whether they are beginners or professional chefs. You should look for highly detailed cookbooks that break down every recipe and procedure into understandable sections. How to cook everything, in my opinion, is a perfect book for beginners. Read through the cookbook like a magazine and identify the meals you would like to start with. You can buy several cookbooks or ask friends and family to recommend some good ones for you.

As A Beginner Cook, Start Simple

Black female chef holding a plate of pastaPick out a basic recipe to start with. There’s no need to start with a complicated recipe. This will only confuse you. Start with something like pasta and see how many variations you can successfully cook. By starting with the simple recipes, you’ll be able to master basic cooking skills that are important when cooking more complex meals. Slowly build your confidence and try out more challenging recipes as you go along.

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