How To Use A Flat Iron Safely

How To Use A Flat Iron Safely

I ought to rename this piece ‘how to avoid major injury’! Just thinking of the last burn I gave myself is causing me to shudder. Ouch.

If you’re sick of explaining why your ears are so red, or how you got that mark on your fingers… then it may be time to learn how to properly and efficiently use a good quality flat iron. You know, before they start a domestic.

But, whilst we know that flat irons really hurt when they damage you, just imagine how your hair feels! Time after time we’ve been rushing, late for work or school, forgetting heat protectant and just frazzling our hair. Frazzling is an understatement – we could smell the burning and we were choking on the fumes. I think that’s cause enough to use the word fried.

That’s why we absolutely had to write this piece. To save your fingers as well as your curls, we present to you our ultimate top tips for using a flat iron.


Preparation For Using A Flat Iron

An army always prepares themselves for battle, right? So don’t treat this task any differently. Before heading anywhere near those heated tongs of doom, your hair needs to be totally product free. Use a really deep cleansing and stripping shampoo that will ensure your hair is left at its most natural state.

Safety Precautions When Using Flat Irons

Flat Iron Safety And Other Equipment

If you’re a little unsteady or you have shaky hands then using an item like a glove when you’re flat ironing may be perfect for you. As well as this almost all hot combs, flat irons and curling tongs should come with a heat proof mat. If they don’t then it’s definitely worth picking up a low-cost one off of a site like Amazon as this small piece of material not only protects whatever surface you’re using but also efficiently combats the chances of a house fire if you forget to turn your irons off.

Protection, Protection… Protection!

Safety When Using A Flat Iron

Now I’m talking a high-necked tee, leather gloves, steel toe capped boots, the works! I’m joking of course. What do you mean, you didn’t laugh? In all seriousness, heat protection is a make or break product when it comes to flat ironing… literally! If you want to avoid damage, get the sleekest results and prevent future breakages, then you need to apply that protection like your life depends on it. Most products will come in an easy application spray bottle, so really, you have no excuse for having weak and brittle hair.

Flat Iron Safety: Blow-Drying Saves Lives

Blow Drying Before Using Flat Iron

It’s true! Our hair is a little different than others. We’re beautiful, black human beings with bold, thick and curly hair. Most of the time that’s a really great thing, but when it comes to flat ironing, my word, it can be a struggle. That’s where blow-drying comes in. If you’re all set up with our previous tips your hair will be perfectly prepped for a quick blow out before the real work begins. Using a paddle brush and angling the nozzle of your dryer to the bristle of the brush will only enhance the effects. And make the whole process quicker, avoiding that dull ache in your arms.

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