How To Treat Heat Damaged Hair Naturally At Home Without Cutting

Coming Back From Heat Damage To Get Your Afro Hair Back To Its Best

Don’t Use Too Much Product

Coming Back From Heat Damage To Get Your Afro Hair Back To Its Best

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Using too much of any product will leave your hair feeling dense, heavy, overpowered and susceptible to breakage.

Your hair follicles will become clogged and not only could this lead to infection, but it will also stunt your hair’s growth. Our solution to this is to come up with a hair care routine and stick to it.

Knowing exactly what days to use which products and when, will make your life much easier in the long-run.

Vitamins And Minerals Help Your Hair Heal From Heat Damage

Supplements For Natural Afro Hair

It’s not a myth. Over the counter vitamins really can help to elongate your hair! With any vitamins you take you should be aware that if you don’t counter this new intake by drinking more water you will be highly likely to break out in zits. Up the water intake ladies!

Vitamins will do all they can internally to give strong form and structure back to your individual hair strands. Some will even target your skin and nails too – three birds with one stone! None of them (providing you buy from well recognised stores and you take the recommended dosage) will cause you harm so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Protective Hairstyles For Black Natural Hair

Long Protective Style For Afro Hair

Not only do protective hairstyles look super cute, they’re insanely beneficial for your hair too. The best protective styles include two strand twists, crossovers, chunky twists, box braids… anything that isn’t too tight or too taxing on your hair strands. Your edges will never grow if they’re constantly under pressure from tight, pulled back styles so it’s best to avoid these for a while.

It’s very difficult to go through life simply by avoiding all the things that could cause damage to your hair. We’re women, we love to try out new styles and products – switch it up to straight, dye our hair, texturize it etc. So it’s important to know what to do when things go wrong or you need a break from it all. We’d advise you to keep all of this info at hand for the next time you’re tempted to whip out the flat irons.

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