How To Treat Heat Damaged Hair Naturally At Home Without Cutting

Coming Back From Heat Damage To Get Your Afro Hair Back To Its Best

The Big Chop Vs. Transitioning

Consider The Big Chop To Heal From Heat Damage

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Decisions, decisions. When you first start your repair hair care journey, this is one of the first things you need to decide upon. There are many benefits to either starting point, it’s mainly based on your personal preference and what you think you will be able to handle effectively. So to save you the hassle of looking it up, we’ve listed our best positives below.

The Big Chop

  • Fresh start.
  • Allows all hair strands to be the same texture.
  • Hair is lighter and will grow significantly faster. You can see other black hair growth tips here.
  • Encourages you never to damage your hair using heat ever again.
  • Opens up a plethora of new styles and discovery.


  • Allows you to learn about your hair texture gradually.
  • Isn’t so abrupt in the change of length.
  • Teaches you a range of protective styles.
  • Lets you see the difference between your natural texture and your damaged texture.

Use Sulphate Free Shampoos

Use Sulphate Free Shampoos On Afro Hair

Sulphate shampoos are a big no-no. That’s because sulphate is an irritant and will dry out your hair to no end. By using sulphate free shampoos, you’ll be allowing your hair to lock in and hold onto that extra bit of moisture it needs as these shampoos use a milder detergent. In most cases the actual product will produce less suds, but do not be alarmed, this is only a sign of good. Your natural oils will be retained and you will see a significant difference in the brittleness of your hair.

Deep Conditioners Are Great For Heat Damaged Afro Hair

Use Deep Conditioners To Heal Heat Damage

Deep conditioning your hair is like servicing your car. It’s an absolute must! As your hair is in such poor condition right now, it will be most beneficial to do a deep condition every single week. Pick a day you know you’ll have a bit of spare time and try to fit this in every week. Your hair will be re-nourished and revitalized and you’ll without a shadow of a doubt start to see your curl pattern regain its natural form.

Quit The Aquaphobia!

Enjoy The Water With Your Afro Hair

Seriously girls, for all you sisters that seem to believe getting water on your hair (or wetting your hair when showering daily) is bad for you… I have one question. What?! Water is not bad for your hair. Shampoo, on the other hand, is.

Now we know how tempting it can be – and almost instinctual – to shampoo and condition your hair when it’s soaking wet. But if it’s not your chosen wash day, back away from the shampoo. What you need is to try co-washing. Co-washing is when, instead of stripping your hair with shampoos daily, you de-tangle your hair with your fingers when it’s wet and re-apply a small amount of leave in conditioner. Whilst we recommend you do this regardless of whether or not your hair’s damaged, it’s obviously going to help do your damaged hair wonders.

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