How To Treat Heat Damaged Hair Naturally At Home Without Cutting

Coming Back From Heat Damage To Get Your Afro Hair Back To Its Best

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Oh, heat damage. The bane of our existence. But, sadly, every sister in their lives is sure to go through it. Whether it’s because of chemical relaxers, poor blow-drying or just sizzling away on the flat irons, this is definitely the lowest of the low. Broken edges, split ends and brittle textures are not what we want to be remembered for, oh no.

When you find yourself faced with a problem the first thing you must ask yourself is, ‘Can I overcome this?’ Luckily, in this case, the answer is yes. Similarly, when you’ve broken something you must also ask, ‘Is it repairable?’. The good news? It is.

While healing your hair can be a long and daunting process depending on the severity of your heat damage, everything can be rectified, we promise you that.

Assess Your Hair For Any Heat Damage

Make An Assessment Of Your Afro Hair

No, we’re not in high school, but yes, you do need to take an assessment. Before we delve further into this subject you’ll need to deduce just how damage has been done to your hair.

There are many different and varied ways to come back from excess heat damage but they can differ significantly depending on the severity of your hair’s current condition.

Boycott Heat And Chemicals, They’re Not Good For Afro Hair

Boycott Heat And Chemicals To Heal Heat Damaged Hair

Duh! Girl, if your hair is damaged, your hair might as well be a Mini Cooper in a collision with two UPS trucks. You’re lucky we’re not telling you to take it all to the scrapyard right away (in case you’re not following our metaphor, we’re talking about the Big Chop).

You want to add more heat? You want to put your Cooper into another head on collision? Girl, are you out of your mind? Back away from the heat and throw away the chemicals. Where we’re going you won’t be needing them for a really, really long time.

Make The Simple Changes

Sleeping With Afro Hair Properly

Did you know that you could be severely damaging your hair just because you’re sleeping? Well, we didn’t either. That was until a Youtube video clued us up on a few simple life hacks that you need to follow if you’re hoping for the quickest and most effective comeback from damaged natural afro hair. Cotton pillowcases will cause your hair to kink, tangle and knot.

No-one likes Tangled, Frozen was much better. What? Oh you mean we’re still talking about hair?

Making the switch to a satin pillowcase or wrapping your head in a du-rag (or a makeshift rag using stockings) is going to leave you able to see significant changes in your hair ends and texture.

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