How To Sing Like Rihanna In 5 Steps For Beginners (A Fun Guide)

How To Sing Like Rihanna In 5 Steps For Beginners

Want to learn how to sing like Rihanna? With her unique voice and style, it’s not easy to imitate her singing. But with our help, you’ll find it easier than ever to master this Caribbean diva’s singing style.

Of course we don’t recommend you trying to pass her voice off as your own; learning to sing naturally to your own voice is always best. But if for whatever reason you’d like to sing like Rihanna, keep reading. 🙂

Step One To Singing Like Rihanna: Do Voice Warm Ups

Rihanna voice warm up

You can’t start singing without doing a voice warm-up. All singers do voice warm-ups to prepare their voice for singing. These exercises also help you identify your vocal range so that you know how high or low you can go. To sing like Rihanna, you need to work on singing lower notes. Find voice warm-ups that focus on lower octaves. There’re many vocal exercises that can help you get prepared for Rihanna’s songs. You can even get them online for free.

Step Two: Groan To The Rhythm

How to sing like Rihanna

Well, it’s not exactly groaning, but you should try to get a deeper voice from the back of your mouth. Produce the groan you’d produce when you’re having a stomach ache or some sort of pain (we mean that in the nicest way possible) :).

If you naturally have a deep voice, it’ll be easier for you. Doing this will help you get that vibrato element of Rihanna’s voice. Maintain the groaning sound at the same pitch. Once you accomplish that, groan to the rhythm of a Rihanna song that you love. This might seem crazy, but it actually works.

Step Three: Try Singing With Rihanna’s Lyrics

Rihanna singing one of her songs

Now it’s time to try out the lyrics. Use the groaning voice to say lyrics to Rihanna’s songs out loud. Don’t exaggerate. Just try to achieve a little vibration to your voice. Slowly start singing the song this way. How does it sound? It might be terrible at first but you’ll get a hang of it as you continue doing it. You’ll find that you’re actually singing a little bit like Rihanna.

Step Four: Practice And Perfect Your Art

Rihanna singing and dancing tips

Keep practicing steps two and three. Do this gradually to allow your muscles to adjust to the singing. If you find yourself straining, take a break and continue practicing later. Go easy on your voice and take it easy. With constant practice, you’ll be able to sing like Rihanna and the other top black female singers.

Step Five: Auto-tune To Perfectly Get Finished Vocals Like Rihanna

Learn how Rihanna sings on stage

Last but not least, to sound exactly like Rihanna, you’ll need auto tune. Even Rihanna doesn’t sound exactly like she does on music videos. There’s a lot of auto-tuning that goes on for her songs to sound the way they do. So don’t beat yourself up if you don’t sound exactly like Rihanna. You’re close, and that’s what matters. It would help if you get clips of  Rihanna singing live to help you gauge your progress.

How To Sing Like Rihanna In 5 Steps For Beginners

If you’ve been wondering how to sing like Rihanna, these are the steps to help you do so. Try it out and tell us whether it worked for you. You might also find this run down on Nicki Minaj interesting too. 🙂

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