How To Play Tennis Like Serena Williams In 6 Steps

Serena Williams has become the epitome of excellence in women’s sports.

Given the amazing amount of wins and trophies she has accumulated since the beginning of her professional tennis career, she is certainly worth celebrating.

As with any successful athlete that we admire and aspire to, we look to her training routines to see what we can do to become just as strong as she’s become.

Williams is always open to giving tips and insights into how she approaches upping her tennis game – here are some tips on how she does it.

How To Play Tennis Like Serena Williams: Try Out Different Things

Try Out Different Things Like Serena Williams In Your Tennis Training To Keep You On Your ToesIn a promo video for the Australian Open, Serena gives some insight into her methods of training.

At one point, she talks about some of the things that she did in her younger years, which included more than just tennis:

“Even when I was younger, I did a lot of things,” she says in the video.

“It helped me appreciate what I love to do most.”

This is sound advice to take in with your training, as mixing up your workout routine can keep you on your toes.

If that isn’t enough to go off of, check out this photo from her Instagram account of her unique training routine.

Take Nutrition Into Account When Tennis Training

Always Consider Nutrition As Part Of Your Tennis Workout RegimenIn an interview with Bon Appetit, Williams was asked about her food philosophy.

This was her simple answer: “You put out what you put in”.

It’s no secret that if you are looking for the most effective results in your workout, proper nutrition is a must.

She also mentions that her fridge is packed with mostly foods that you would typically find in vegan diets, which is the best and most effective way to get the most out of what you eat.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the only way to eat right; just incorporating more nutritious foods into your lifestyle can make your training routine more satisfying.

Love Your Body Image

To Play Tennis Like Serena Williams Respect Your Body Image At All TimesThe most noticeable thing about Serena Williams that makes her stand out in women’s tennis is her athletic physique, and it became a topic of conversation in 2015 when The New York Times printed an article about body image among women in the tennis world, it undoubtedly turned a lot of heads.

As we all know, body image is a huge issue that women still deal with to this day.

Serena went against society’s standards to become the best player, a strong step towards positive body image.

When you learn to love your body regardless, you can accomplish anything.

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