How To Have A Relationship When You Travel Long Distance A Lot

How To Have A Relationship When You Travel A Lot

5. Communicate With Your Partner While On Holiday

African American couples who travel need personal time togetherIt goes without saying that communication is an integral part of any relationship but it becomes even more important when one of you is traveling.

When you are away from your significant other, make sure that you are keeping in touch with them.

A simple phone call and sometimes texting will do but why not take it a step further and use video chatting services such as Skype and/or Facetime? This way, you still get to see and interact with your partner even if you are thousands of miles apart. Just because you’re in an often long distance relationship, it doesn’t mean that contact should be less frequent.

6. Talk About Your Trip, But Ask About Them, Too

When you travel and see new places, it is completely natural to want to go on and on sharing your experiences with your partner back home. It’s completely fine to do this but it’s also important to listen to what kind of day your partner had as well. Ask about their day with genuine curiosity. Even if their day wasn’t as “adventurous” as yours, listen and listen with intention; this will give the both of you a glimpse of each other’s day.

7. Travel Together

Man and woman in a relationship traveling togetherWe understand that this isn’t always an option, but if it is, travel together. Not only will you be able to be together every day, you’ll also be able to witness the beauty of traveling, an invaluable experience. You both can get immersed in new cultures, get lost in a new place together, and learn new things about each other. Traveling does that to people. You gain so much self-awareness and insight, why not do it with your partner if you can?

8. Do Something Different

Even if you are able to travel as a couple, issues can arise. Yes, it is nice to have your significant other traveling with you but what about those days when you need a little space? Carve out some time to explore your differences. Say, for example, that your partner enjoys biking but you’d rather go kayaking. If you have the courage to pursue these things separately then do so. Even if that just means going out to explore some things on your own. You will thank each other and yourselves for the “me time.”

How To Have A Relationship When You Travel A Lot

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, separation can take a toll on relationships. We hope that this list of tips can be helpful to you and your significant other as you venture out into the world. Are you in a relationship where one of you travels and the other stays home? Are you a traveling couple? Please share your thoughts and experiences with us below.

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