How To Handle An Office Romance And Remain Professional

How To Handle An Office Romance And Remain Professional

Relationships aren’t easy. And they can get even tougher if you’re romantically involved with a person you work with. Seeing that person both inside and outside the office? Complications can arise very fast!

While things change if you’ve been dating for a while and you’re serious about being long term with each other, when the work romance is new it’s a good idea to keep things professional between you while in the work environment. Here’s a few guidelines to help you do just that.

Keep Your Relationship Private

A black woman doing the hush gesture due to her office romanceAt the beginning of the relationship, you don’t need to advertise it to the entire world. You should keep your romantic affair a secret for as long as possible. This means not telling your workmates about it and also not behaving in a way that might suggest that the two of you are dating.

Even when you argue, make sure that you don’t bring those arguments to your workplace. Keep your cool throughout the day even if you had an argument with the person you ‘re romantically involved with. This way, people will not know about your personal business and you’ll also concentrate on your work.

Tell Your Boss About It

Two black women in the officeIf you decide to make your relationship public, make sure that you inform your boss about it before telling anyone else. You should also find out what the company policy says about their employees’ dating. This way, you’ll be able to avoid any trouble that you might have gotten into. It is also better for your boss to hear about it from you instead of being told by others. Your boss will surely appreciate your honesty.

Keep Your Relationship Off Social Media

A black woman on social mediaIn this digital age, it is normal for people to broadcast their relationships on social media. If you are dating someone from your workplace, you should keep your romance away from social media. It might seem like a harmless thing but social media is very powerful. Once you post something online, you have no way of knowing where it will end up. For the sake of your career and your relationship, keep social media out of your romantic affair.

Avoid Getting Lovey-Dovey At Work

An African American couple hugging lovinglyMost people spend more than 40 hours every week at work. When dating a person you work with, you might be tempted to show your affection to one another all the time. However, this is not good. You should ensure that you do not act lovey-dovey towards each other the entire time you’re at your workplace. There is nothing wrong with showing affection to a person you love. However, there’s a right time and right place to do it. Apart from affecting your productivity, it might also make your colleagues feel sidelined.

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