How To Get Into Online Freelance Writing With No Experience For Beginners

How To Get Into Online Freelance Writing With No Experience For Beginners

So you want to get into freelance writing? Great! This quick guide can help you to kick start your new career as a freelance writer. We’ve laid out all the steps you’ll need to take, and things you’ll need to consider, to make sure you become a success.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Freelance Writing As A Career

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One of the best things about becoming a freelance writer is the freedom you’ll have in your work schedule, especially if you’re coming from a regular 9-to-5 job. There’ll be no more rushing to the office and no more feeling trapped in your job.

Instead of facing a soul-sucking commute, all you’ll have to do is shuffle over from your bed to your desk in your slippers. Or you can even work right from your bed with your laptop, PJs on and all! If you want to meet friends in the morning and work in the afternoon, no sweat. If you need to stay home because your kid is sick and off school, you’ll be totally free.

Another great thing about being a freelance writer is the ability to move around… or stay put, as you please. You might love your tiny little rural hometown that has few job opportunities, but with freelance writing, you can work for clients all over the world and stay put in your countryside idyll.

Or, on the flipside, maybe you hate where you live but you’ve been tied to a job. If you succeed as a freelance writer, you can move somewhere else, because all your work is online and not location-dependent. Some freelancers even choose to move to other countries to take advantage of the lower cost of living.

There are some drawbacks, though, so make sure you’re prepared for them as best you can. Here are some drawbacks and our solutions.

• Working alone – make sure you’re self motivated, and go and socialise often.
• Staying indoors a lot – get out and take a walk in the park when you have a break.
• Sedentary – that walk will help you burn calories, too!
• Distractions at home – carve out time that is work-specific, turning off your TV, phone and other electronics. You can even turn off your internet if there’s no research to do

How Much Money Do You Need To Earn?

How Much Money Do You Need To Earn As A Freelance Writer

To find this out, you need to ask yourself what you are trying to achieve with your freelance writing. Is it…

… a way for you to leave your job and travel the world?
… a way for you to stay home more with the kids?
… a side hustle for some extra cash?
… a way to voice your political views, or sense of humor, or share your passions with the world?

Take a look at your existing income sources and your finances. How much would you need to earn from freelance writing to achieve your goals? Would you be comfortable cutting back on excessive spending to make your new lifestyle a reality faster?

No one can answer these questions but you. Take some time to work out how much money you would need to make to ensure freelance writing is viable for you. Try to be realistic – don’t factor Ferraris and private jets into your plans! – and come up with two monthly figures. The first should be how much you need at a minimum, to cover all your bills and other outgoings. The second should be your target figure.

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