How To Get A Body Like Beyoncé In 10 Bootylicious Steps

How To Get A Body Like Beyoncé In 10 Bootylicious Steps

Step Five: Exercise With Music

Exercising with music to get a body like BeyoncéMusic keeps Beyoncé moving. She values the power of music even when she’s working out. You should create a playlist with songs that you would like to listen to while you are exercising.

The songs have to be energetic, not the kind that makes you want to fall asleep. Put on the music when working out from home or play it via earphones when you go outdoors or to the gym.

Music makes your workout session pass by very fast. It also makes it easier for you to focus on what you are doing instead of paying attention to your surroundings. With music, your workouts will not be boring and time will pass by faster than you think.

Step Six: Work Out With Weights

Black lady with weights aiming for a Bootylicious bodyBeyoncé uses weights during most of her workouts. She uses music to determine how long she works out using a particular set of weights. She uses 5-pound weights when doing bicep curls and uses them for a duration of an entire song of her choice. Sometimes she uses 3-pound weights for her workouts. When using weights in your workout, you should start out with lighter weights. This is to avoid putting too much pressure on your muscles. Ensure that you master different techniques and postures when using the lighter weights. Once you get use to the light ones, you can gradually move on to heavier weights. Weights are great for toning the arms and working out the chest muscles.

Step Seven: Do Some Kettle-bell Squats For A Beyoncé Type Body

How to get a body like Beyoncé with kettlebell squatsBeyoncé relies on kettlebell squats to tone her entire body. The move she does is called the kettlebell squat and press. In order to do this move, you will require a dumbbell. You should hold the dumbbell close to your chest and start squatting. Go as low as you possibly can. A good way to tell whether you are low enough is if your elbows are touching your knees. Once you reach this point, slowly go back up and raise the dumbbell upwards to a point above your head. This is a complete cycle. At first, this will seem hard, so you can start with a few cycles. As you proceed, you should increase the number of cycles that you do. Think about those Beyoncé curves and keep going!

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